Time to Visit…Manufaktura Pottery Outlet in Boleslawiec, Poland

Time to Visit…Manufaktura Pottery Outlet in Boleslawiec, Poland

This is my FAVORITE Polish pottery store  in Boleslawiec!

  This store is the outlet store of  Manufaktura.  When you look through the pictures below you will see why!

For those of you who have been shopping in Boleslawiec for years like I have you will know this store as part of the “3 sisters.”  Unfortunately the past couple of years 2 of the sisters have closed their doors.  So this is now the  lonely sister.  BUT just a block to the left(when looking at the store) is Henry’s pottery store and next to Henry’s is another small pottery store.

The prices are AMAZING at this store!

And here we are going into the outlet store.

Here we going through the mark-down area which is in the same room next to the cash register! You have to really dig in this room. They have stuff from category 1 to category 4. So you have to really look at what your are getting. They also sell things 50% to 70% just because it is missing a lid or missing a cup to go with the saucer. I once bought a fruit bowl on a small pestal on a for 75% off just because it had a 1 inch crack on the pestal that was on the bottom side that no one would see anyways. I am not going to cook with it or wash it in the dishwasher so who cares about the crack?

You never know what you kind find! Who would have thought we would find something like this?

Their selection of plates! They are not by pattern so you will have to dig through them to find what you like.

My oldest daughter not knowing where to begin because they have quite the selection.

Here one of the rooms. This room contains their newer patterns and are sorted by pattern.

Here is the same room just at a different angle. Nice, huh?

Here there is only 1 person checking you out as well as box you up. So it can take awhile to check out if someone is making a BIG purchase like this lady was. It took her almost 20 minutes as she was purchasing for a fundraising event at a military base in Germany.

This set is beautiful!

Oh what great treasures is she finding?

One of the neat coffee sets they sell here.

Here is a little trick that I do before I make my purchases. I take pictures of everything before it is wrapped and boxed up! Because by the beginning of the 3rd store I forget what I got at store’s 1 & 2! This way I know what sizes and patterns I have bought so I don’t purchase items that I already have purchased. Thank goodness for digital camera’s!

Here is the other part that I bought! Notice the big soup bowl and that it has no lid? Well for 60% off regular price I will take it without the lid because it would make a perfect flower pot for my kitchen window. So think outside of the box.for other possible uses!!

Yes, they take cash (dollars, euros or zlotys) and credit cards!

Now there is a VERY small parking area in the front but I would not recommend parking there as it can be tricky to get out depending how other’s park there.  So you can park across the street at the gas station or you can park at Henry’s and walk over.

Also do not be surprised if you see teenagers in this area asking to carry your packages back to the your car or bus.  For the most part they are good kids just trying to earn some money.  I have them carry my stuff and tip them 3 to 5 zlotys.  Or if you have some extra food they will be glad to take that too.

Now at this store if you able to do the Polish tax-free with a Factura, they will print one on the spot for you,  NICE!!!

Once again like all the other stores they take zlotys, US and credit cards.

The address is ul. Zgorzelecka 22B, 59- 700 Bolesławiec

Their hours when we were there were Mon - Sat 09:00 – 17:00, Sun 10:00 – 14:00 pm

Want to find out about more Polish pottery stores located in Boleslawiec? Click HERE to see a list of all the stores I have done a blog post on!

Have you been to Manufaktura Outlet?  Leave a comment with what you like and don’t like or if have any pointers for shopping there!


love kelley
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12 Responses to Time to Visit…Manufaktura Pottery Outlet in Boleslawiec, Poland

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  3. Halucyn says:

    Why most popular pottery colour is blue?

  4. A.wawa says:

    Hi Kelley! Can you tell/show me what is your favorite decoration of pottery from Bolesławiec?

    • Now that is a loaded question!!!! Each is so different but I love the pattern like what is on the big soup bowl in one of the last pictures. I have a lot of different types of patterns as that is the nice thing about polish pottery it all kind of matches with each other.

  5. Shannon says:

    Going there tomorrow! Loved your tips and can’t wait to find some great deals on pottery! :)
    Shannon recently posted..Morocco Part 5: One last spin around MarrakechMy Profile

  6. Barb B says:

    What is the name of the restaurant across from 3 sisters?


  7. Holly OSTROM says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I just happened to come across it somehow. I will be traveling to northern poland to Gdynia next week. Do you know of any pottery stores in that area? I would absolutely love to find some pieces. Thank you!!!

    • Holly,

      I am glad you enjoy my blog. Gdynia is beautiful! As for pottery it is just hit or miss out side of Boleslawiec. Your best bet would be to go to Cepelia which is a traditional Polish craft store that are located throughout Poland. Here is the address for the Gdynia store..Świętojańska 2 Gdynia.

      Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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