Is it TK Maxx or TJ Maxx?

I never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would wake up early to drive 40 minutes to another town(Torun) to stand in a line for a grand opening of store but I did today!

One of the my favorite stores in the USA is TJ Maxx and believe it or not they have them here in Poland too but just with a different name.   They are both owned by the same company,  just that the European locations are called TK Maxx.

We have one here in Bydgoszcz and I finally went to the store about 3 weeks ago as several of my friends rave how good this store is.  Well they were right and I was in HEAVEN!  They had cookbooks in English!!  Mind you they were from Great Britain chefs and celebrities but since I have been watching BBC over here the last 2 years I knew who exactly who these people were.

So the other day a friend and I were talking about the new TK Maxx that was being opened up in Torun and we decided why not go and check it out.  OK, part of the draw too was the gift cards that they were giving away that had values of 100 zlotys up to 750 zlotys. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any but it sure was fun trying!


What TJ Maxx in the US looks like.


Inside a US store except for the English signs there is not much difference between the 2 stores.

Oh what damage I can do here!

The new store in Torun, oh what damage I can do here!


Everyone wanting to know what is inside these!  I got one as we were leaving the store and mine a yo-you, WOO HOO!


Time for one last flooring cleaning.


We are here!


Glad we got here early!


We made it in and so did the other 100+ people behind us.


Looks a good excuse to finally do my family wedding wall in the house with this frame selection. YEAH!!!


The kitchen area of the store and I am in dream land.


Cake decorating items and they have Wilton and PME stuff!


Part of the special part of the grand opening is that they hid gift cards throughout the store. Here you see a few boys going through this aisle not leaving anything to chance that it might be hiding somewhere in there.


Bath towels anyone?


I know where to go for next year’s backpacks for school.


Lots of clothes just like in the US stores.


They even a little selection of US foods. Now the prices are less to be desired as the frosting was about $5 when in US I would pay $1 and the box of Lucky Charms that was about $9.50 about triple the price I would pay back home.


Now you can see why 2 hours is easily spent in this store as you never know what you might find.


Photo booth time! We had way to much fun there.

LOVED this part of the day!

LOVED this part of the day!


Yes, once again I will be on TV. They filmed us when we were in the photo booth.


We took over all the cashiers for a few minutes with our purchases and to top it off we ask for our tax free invoices and with them all being new it was a fun time! I felt sorry for all those in line behind us.

Lunch time!

Then with all that shopping we were hungry so off to lunch!

It was another fun morning here in Poland for me as you can.

Oh, if you are wondering if the Polish TK Maxx sells Polish pottery like the US TJ Maxx store does?  Nope!  I another reason why I need to do road to Boleslawiec, Poland.

What is the one store you would miss if you moved half a world away like I did?  I miss Hobby Lobby that is in the US!

love kelley
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5 Responses to Is it TK Maxx or TJ Maxx?

  1. Renee Allen says:

    VERY fun to experience it with you! TJ Maxx and Marshalls are my favorite stores here, so it was fun to see all the similarities, yet with the Polish flair.

  2. Remik says:

    Tax-free invoices? How do you get away with that? You live in Poland, you should be paying taxes here like the rest of us.

    • Remik,

      Tax-free invoices are just FAKTURA’s like many Polish people get here if they have have a business. When you translate it that is what is in basic English words. It is just Duty Free shopping as my friends were all for different countries and just like you when you travel to other countries, at times you have the opportunity to shop duty free and so they did. No worries about the Polish government not getting taxes from us as they get a fair share from us!

  3. Sara says:

    I also went there and I was totally impressed by this store. So many things in one place! I was looking for a gift card, but unluckily I couldn’t find it :( But I also took some photos with my friends in a photo booth. Generally for me that was a day full of new experiences. Although I was completely tired after running for 2 hours, I guess that store would be my second house, haha :D I will cetrainly come back there :)
    Have a great day!

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