Tomato Rut

Yet another perk of us moving last summer into this new house is that we are able to have a nice little container garden in the front part of our house.  When we were living in the US we always had a garden with lots of vegetables and fruit because stuff you grow yourself is always so much better.

Last summer we were too new to this house so we did not plant anything but this year we did mushrooms, strawberries and tomato plants.  I had a little too much fun shopping when I was getting tomato plants this spring.  I did not know what kind of tomato plants they had for sale as my Polish for tomato varieties is not a bit lacking, so I bought one of  every type they had.  SEVERAL weeks later…I have just a few tomatoes ready for the picking!

So over the past few nights this what we have been up to every evening.

"A" hard at work picking tomatoes for tonights dinner.

“A” hard at work picking tomatoes for tonight’s dinner.

Oh what to do with today crop?

Oh what to do with today’s crop?

Make caprese salad of course for dinner.

Make caprese salad of course for dinner.

It is a good thing we love tomatoes in this family because we are going to be eating them for a while.

Here is where I need your help! I am getting stuck in a tomato rut how to eat these. I would LOVE it if you would leave a comment with ways you eat/cook them.  I need ideas!!!

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12 Responses to Tomato Rut

  1. Nena Sinclair says:

    I often freeze my extra tomatoes and then use them for sauces, stews, soups and chili later.

  2. Michi says:

    Hai Kelley,

    I always eat them on bread with some cheese.
    And I make a hughe amount of spagettisauce and freece it.
    We drove home from Poland yesterday and I even brought some home.Polish tomatoes are even better then the Dutch ones.
    And I bought a lot of Boleslawiec pottery!Lovely cups.

  3. Sometimes when you grow tomatoes you GROW tomatoes! Last year our plants just kept giving us tomatoes well into the Fall season so we definitely had more than we knew what to do with. My mom and dad liked to can most of them and make spaghetti sauce.

    That caprese salad looks amazing :)

  4. Linda romer says:

    I love tomatoes. This summer we used alot of cherry tomatoes on skewers with other vegetables on the grill as a side to grilled steak, chicken and fish.

  5. Kathy says:

    All we planted this year were tomatoes and peppers, my glorious plan was to make salsa for the year but we’ll see how that goes:)

  6. Cindy McElwee says:

    Great information, I will spend a day making my Spaghetti sauce ~ this will freeze good. Ready for a variety of dinners. ♥

  7. Shannon says:

    I like to make spaghetti sauce, salsa, tomato pie, tomato sandwiches…I love tomatoes. You could even make your own ketchup.

  8. Christina says:

    My favorite fresh tomato meal is Pasta Fresca. Take 1/2 pound mozzerella and chop it up. Add four leafs of chopped basil and four diced tomatoes. Take four more leaves of basil, four tomatoes, a clove or two of garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a scant teaspoon of salt and blend that up in the blender. Mix everything with one pound of just cooked farfalle, and yum. The best thing is that it only takes as long to fix as the pasta takes to cook.

  9. Diana Vuong says:

    I love to eat tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, and drizzling balsamic vinegar and olive oil on sandwiches and salads.

  10. Melissa S says:

    I always make fresh salsa with my tomatoes. I am not having a great tomato year here in NY, tons of green and I think they are not going to have time to ripen, I hope I am wrong. You could also try bruschetta.

  11. Sarah L says:

    You can grill them with a bit of olive oil.

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