Tulips, Tulips and More Tulips!

Tulips, Tulips and More Tulips!

Well, happy belated Mother’s Day to all those who read my blog that celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday.  In Poland here we did not celebrate Mother’s Day as it is celebrated on the 26th of May no matter what day of the week it lands on unlike in the USA.   I had an AMAZING Mother’s Day, my son flew in from the USA for his summer break from university.  So I had all 4 of my kids home together for the first time in 9 LONG months.

 Well since my son flew into Warsaw, my husband and my oldest daughter went up on Saturday for his early flight.  So that left me and my littlest ones for the weekend together.  So Saturday we went to the one of the local parks in the city center called “Mill Island” to see the flower carpet that was on display.

Now after spending the 6 previous years in The Netherlands, I am all over flower displays especially tulips!!  Not only that, over the last few months I met a neat lady named Ewa at the volleyball games we would go to watch our kiddo Rachael play.  Well a long story short her parents own a local import/export floral business just outside of town.   Well they provided the tulip flowers for the amazing display.  So over the past weeks she has reminded me just a few times of the upcoming display.  Then reading about the display in a local newspaper, it went on my calendar in pen not pencil to make sure we went to it.

So here is how we spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon……


Walking over to the city park called “Mill Island.”


The girls looking for our “love” lock. It took awhile but we finally found it!


The lovely Mill Island.


I love summer time here!


Couple of more weeks and this will be lined with people cooling off.


The reason why we went to Mill Island, the flower carpet!


There was an expo of some sort and several different dance groups. The girls were glued watching them.  I guess I REALLY need to look into dance classes that they girls have been asking me about.


Flower carpet time!




A view of the opera house here in town.


I could have stayed for hours! Unfortunately it started to sprinkle rain so it was time to head back to the car.


This is the reason why tulips are my favorite flower!


I wonder if I could talk them into doing this every month?


I think I have one of Christmas card pictures for the year!




The newest tulip variety soon to hit that market, “Bydgoszcz”.  Absolutely lovely in person!


They even had some tulips for sale. I could have bought the whole bunch but my husbands allergies would have killed me if I did.


One last look!


Yes, we had to quickly put our feet in for a quick dip before we left.

I hope you had a great weekend like I did!  Now I am back to real world as we a busy packing to move into the new house and moving things already over it.  I will be glad when this month is over!

What is something you are looking forward to doing when the summer heat comes?  Me, hopefully canoeing in one of the local rivers this summer!

love kelley
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