Valentine’s Day in Poland!

Valentine’s Day in Poland!

I know this is a bit late but life got the best of me yesterday! I was sicker than sick with the stomach bug yesterday so I spent ALL day in bed having a Criminal Minds TV show marathon in between my naps.

So for those of you wondering, YES they celebrate Valentine’s Day here. Now it is not to the extent that we do in the US but they do some.

We spent Thursday night at home with our church missionaries for a Valentine’s themed dinner.

Heart shaped pasta and sauce! Heart shaped cheese for the salad!

Then we topped it off with themed cupcakes!

Then Friday night we went out for Valentine’s Dinner with the Spouse club I help coordinate from where my husband works.  We meet for dinner at NUVO, who once again treated us to a GREAT meal!  We played a few games, like how well we knew our spouse, name that love tune, and how to say “I love you” in different languages.

I love going to social events like this, men are in one corner talking while the other corner is where the women are at!

Lovely roses!!

Playing one of the games for the night, “I love you” matching game in 15 languages. Guess who won? These guys here!! Over achievers!

Our menu for the night!

Our first course, tomato stuffed with a sweet cheese and raisins.

Our good but interesting soup, half tomato & half split pea. I never would have thought of putting those 2 soups together but they were actually not that bad together.

The kitchen crew hard at work for us.

Our fish course.

Our meat course of chicken and duck!

Dessert time!! Translated is was “chocolate tears”.

Not a bad looking couple!! Hard to believe but this was our 21st Valentine’s together.

It was another great night here in Poland with, GREAT friends and GREAT food!

What is your romantic meal combination?  Me, I am an easy date, anything I don’t cook!


love kelley
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