Vistula Apartments in Torun!

A few weeks ago I did a blog post about Torun, Poland.  I LOVE Torun, it is absolutely a beautiful city with lots of history.  So, when I was offered to do a hotel review of one of the new hotels there, my husband and I jumped at the offer.  While Torun is really not that far from us it was nice to be able to spend more than a couple of hours there and not to have to hurry up and go back home to either beat the traffic or to get home at a decent hour for the kids bed time, it was great to spend a relaxing trip there.

Vistula Apartments in Torun is where we stay the weekend.

Yes, it is not a hotel room but an apartment.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I LOVE apartments verses hotel rooms because of the size of our family.  Well this apartment(s) lived up to our hopes!  We actually got 2 connecting apartments, one for us and one for the kids.  The location was great as well as we could walk 5 minutes and we were in the city center!  The staff there was AWESOME! As I had to try to find an open weekend because of my husbands work schedule which was not easy that time of year but they told us what events were happening to help us make the most of the trip!

Since they are apartments we gave them a call about an hour before we came(just like most apartment rentals) and when we got there, they were there waiting for us! There is no lobby so they just met us in the front the building.

This is where you go to enter from the street. See the tunnel on the left side? That is where you go through to get to the apartment building on the inside.  Welcome to Poland, buildings inside buildings!

The outside of the building. Yes, looks are deceiving!! Wasn’t quite sure what I was getting us into but once we went inside, all worries were gone.

Our rooms were on the first floor(the second floor by US standards) of the building. It was nothing fancy but just cute and quaint!

When we got to our floor they told us we had 2 rooms to give us a bit more room.  Now we not very picky so we could have got by with 1 room but it was nice have room for the kids to play especially since I think that was the coldest weekend we have had here in Poland! (I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it!)  Each room had a door going out to the hallway but there was also a door inside joining the two.

The first room we had is where the kids slept. In the corner was a full size bed. The 2 little ones LOVED it as they could hide from their big sister!

Here is the sitting room for the first room. The sofa also turns into a bed and that is where the oldest daughter slept. There also was a small fireplace where I was standing.  Then there is also the closet and cupboard filled with kitchen items and a microwave. Also on the small table was single serve coffee maker with a NICE variety of coffees and teas to choose from!

The small but mighty bathroom in the first room. The shower is on the right hand side. It is one of the new modern European type. I am not a huge fan of the no shower curtain showers but the kids on the other hand love it!!

This room also had a small kitchen sink to help wash up. This room only had microwave and water kettle to cook with but since we were staying only one night and we had the other room, this was fine.

This is the bedroom for the second room where my husband and I stayed. In here we had a comfortable full size bed. There was also a HUGE closet, table and even a small little fireplace in the room(it is under me where I am taking this picture).

Once again we were only there one night so this wasn’t so important for us but both bathrooms were fully stocked in case we forgot something! Toothbrush, toothpaste soap, shampoo, sewing kit, sponges and such!!!

Here is the coffee maker in our room. As we are not big coffee drinkers this machine just a bit high-tech for us but I can think of a few friends who would be in heaven with this in their hotel room because again this room was not lacking a selection of coffee or tea choices!

Now, this is our bathroom. This was bigger than the other room. The shower area is where I am standing. It was HUGE and had the neatest lights in there. You easily could have a party in there!

The living and kitchen area in our room.  My husband is already checking out the FREE wireless internet connection.

This was the kitchen area. If we were staying for a few days this would have been perfect to cook a few meals in. The kitchen had anything I could need to cook with. The dishes they had was enough for 4 people. This room had a stove top but no microwave.

Oh and I bit of home was in there waiting for us in each of the rooms! English magazines!!!!! And look was on top in our bedroom. My girls were all drooling!

The rooms were great! Now here is the not so good part of the hotel, lack of parking.  We had to use street parking.  We have stayed in other places where the nearest parking spot was 5 blocks away(Brugge, Belgium for one!) but luckily these apartments are on a quite street so there is LOTS of parking spots!!!

The parking meter just down the street.

We arrived after 5pm on Friday so we only had to pay for an hour. BUT we prepaid for 3 hours on Saturday morning so we could sleep and not worry about getting up and feeding the meter. So, yes you can put more money in and it will continue to when they start charging again.

Yes, I was given these rooms for free in return for this review but I will say that we have stayed at several different hotels and apartments over the years here in Poland and other countries, I have to say the staff one of the friendliest we have ever met.  There English was perfect, so it was nice not to have the language barrier for a change.  They were very familiar with restaurants, with attractions and just about everything of Torun.  The rooms where great and if we decide to make a weekend of Torun again, we will for sure be staying here.

So have here is the scoop of what Vistula Apartments has to offer…..

 They have 6 apartments located  Piastowska 7A 

Our prices for one night (for 2 persons) are as follows:

  Apartment no 1: 40 euro – sleeps up to 3 people

Apartment no 3: 40 euro – sleeps up to 5 people

Apartment 4S:   45 euro – sleeps up to 4 people

Apartment 4L:    50 euro – sleeps up to 5 people

Apartment no 5: 60 euro – sleeps up to 5 people

Apartment no 9: 50 euro – sleeps up to 5 people

Above 2 guests per apartment, an extra charge of 5 Euros per person per night applies.

Now these are their everyday rates, they do have special offers and discounts, so just ask!

AND did I mention FREE internet and pets are welcome as well for FREE!!!!!

 As you can tell I am not a professional photographer so click HERE for more pictures of our 2 rooms as well as the other 4 apartments they offer. Or check out THIS video.

 They also have 6 hotel rooms directly in the city center at 28 Piekary street. These would be great for those who want to be right in the heart of the Old Town.

 The cost of a one night stay for 2 people is 43€.  An extra person charge is 5 Euros per night for every person more than two.  Click HERE for more information about these rooms!

 In addition, at either venue they can provide continental breakfast and can also arrange additional services such as traditional concierge services, guided tours(HIGHLY recommend)and etc.

So if you ever make it to Torun, Poland, these apartments would be prefect!

Now I mentioned at first I was worried what I was getting us into, so my question today is what has been your worse hotel experience? Mine, knock on wood has not happened yet!!

love kelley
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32 Responses to Vistula Apartments in Torun!

  1. Yula says:

    Yeah, we liked the Vistula Apartmetns, too. Don’t you think it’s a little austere, though…? Anyway, we plan to get back there with our 3 kids and a dog and we’d like to stay a Vistula Apts for sure! :-)

    Have fun in Poland!

    • Yula,

      It is defiantly not a 4 star hotel but then that is why chose places like this! Why pay high prices for a room when for the most part we are not even in the room? We are there to go exploring not sit in the room and watch TV. Also when you have young children places like this are PERFECT!!!

    • Dear Yula,

      We would love to welcome you to Vistula Apartments and promise a warm welcome and a lovely apartment for you, children and of course the dog too!

      Best wishes,
      Vistula Apartments team :)

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  3. Clarinda says:

    It sounds like a great place to visit and stay. We usually stay at a house when we go on vacation to the beach. We did have one house with ants all over the kitchen. But we stayed in a place like the apartments in Sydney Australia for our honeymoon.
    Clarinda recently posted..5 things I hope I would be remembered forMy Profile

  4. Shary says:

    The insides look way better than the hallways! You’re lucky to live in such a wonderful place. I’m debating moving overseas myself.
    Shary recently posted..You Need More CatsMy Profile

  5. Grady says:

    Oh my goodness, how adorable! I really love the living room/kitchen area in the room where you and your husband stayed!

    It really is so nice to have a more “home-y” feel when you’re staying away from home, I think. I don’t hate hotels by any means, but there’s something nice about feeling like you’re able to cook a bit for yourself and have a sense of a “home base” where you’re traveling.

    What a nice review! :)

  6. Kristi says:

    I love how modern they look and it also looks like the space is really utilized well. I hope to travel to Poland someday!!
    Kristi recently posted..How To Find A Work At Home JobMy Profile

  7. Darwin says:

    I love accommodations stocked with toiletries. I always make sure to take home some if not all of the items in there. :)
    Darwin recently posted..I REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Face MasqueMy Profile

    • I love hotels that have everything too!! We usually take the toiletries too as they work perfect when we are camping or hiking. But we didn’t this time because I felt guilty since I didn’t pay for the room but they had NICE stuff there!!

  8. Cinella says:

    It is adorable. I have been wanting to take a road trip with hubby and hope to find a place like this in our area. I love the bathroom… I have always wanted a small one, weird I know, but it would be so much more easier to clean! lol

    Cinella @ The Mami Blog
    I shared, liked n tweeted :)
    Cinella recently posted..RGV MLK DealsMy Profile

  9. This is so fun! Just found you via Blogelina. Love reading posts about far-away places and it’s neat to see the inside of the apartment–so different from things here. :)
    Kirsten Oliphant recently posted..Bipolar WritingMy Profile

  10. It looks like a wonderful place to stay! I LOVE the stairwell. My cousin lived in Poland for many years but I never had the chance to visit her.
    Katie@Nourishing Simplicity recently posted..Simple Meals Friday #14My Profile

  11. Stacee says:

    It looks so adorable and very homey. The use of space is amazing I would love to be able to utilize space like they did. If ever I go to Poland this would be a destination for sure.
    Stacee recently posted..Reading Challenges for 2013My Profile

  12. Shelly says:

    The apartments you stayed at look really comfortable. You also mention the staff were by friendly which is so important. This looks like a lovely place to stay.

    Our worst hotel experience was a hotel at the beach. It was a nice enough hotel but after staying over night and listening to the managers fight all night and the fleas in the carpet we were so happy to leave.
    Shelly recently posted..Daily Coupon RoundupMy Profile

  13. LaVonne says:

    We travel a lot for my husband’s work and I prefer furnished apartments to a hotel any time. This one looks great. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    LaVonne recently posted..Shutterfly Photo Gifts and Cards: #Valentines Gifts SweepstakesMy Profile

  14. This looks a good place. Simple, warm and dry – just what I would look for as a visitor. After all you are going to be spending your time outside not prowling your hotel room :-) Thank you for an informative review!

  15. Becca says:

    Looks like a cute place! How fun that you were able to stay for free because you did the review.
    I can’t say I’ve had any bad hotel experiences, but of course there’s always that fear that someone will be in the room when you first open the door. ;)

  16. Terri Babin says:

    How neat, I really enjoyed all of the pictures- it definitely looks like a cozy place to stay! I hope to travel the world with my kidlets someday, but for now we’ll just host exchange students!

    Eco-Crazy Mom
    Terri Babin recently posted..GMO Free 2013 Giveaway Hop- Win An Annie’s Superbowl Prize Pack! (Ends 2/10)My Profile

  17. That looks like a very nice place to stay. We would love to visit Poland sometime especially since both my husband and I have ancestors from there. And yay free Internet! I hate when hotels charge for it.
    Darcy Zalewski recently posted..5 Types of Video Games That Help Relieve StressMy Profile

  18. Dawn says:

    Those are beautiful. I always love seeing photos for other areas in the world. Looks like there is a lot of history in the area, and would be a lovely place to visit.

    Thank you for the review,

    Dawns Delights Art.
    Dawn recently posted..Choo ChooMy Profile

  19. Very cool – enjoyed the photos!

  20. How lovely to ‘take a trip with You’!! ;-} (I’m here via Blogelina -) Nice to visit a ‘new place’ -
    Lynden Blossom recently posted..’100% Loveable’ Tag CardMy Profile

  21. isis says:

    Looks really nice, warm and inviting! A lot of hotel rooms are just too plain or just really lack the homey vibe that room has.
    isis recently posted..Uncommon Customized iPhone Case ReviewMy Profile

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