Volleyball & Beaches in Sopot, Poland

Volleyball & Beaches in Sopot, Poland

Yes, it is hard to believe but I am talking about beaches in Poland while it is still winter here.  But yesterday the family and I headed north 2 hours to Sopot to watch our newest family member Rachael play in a volleyball game up there.  We had not been to away game this season, so if we did not go we probably would not see any of her away games!

What made this game even more fun was that last week, I mentioned that we met a player from the Sopot team when they were here playing, Rachel Rourke and we were her home territory now!

Well before we went to the game we had about 45 minutes to kill before it was time to head inside so luckily the beach was just 2 blocks from the stadium so we headed over there for a look.

Off to the beach we go!

On the way to the beach, look what we ran into. American football practice!

What is wrong with this picture?

I cannot wait until this summer and come back here when it is WARM!

Love the view!

Everyone looking for Amber stones.

Look mom, I found one!!!

The beginning of our finds!

This is what you have to did through to find the Amber.

The man folk had enough of the beach and head off to watch some football.

Two more leaving as they are cold!

I need to find out why this tree is painted blue!

Well after we finally warmed up the stadium it was time for the game to start.  Unfortunately Bydgoszcz lost to Sopot in 3 sets but it was still a good game.

I got it, NO I got it!!

She makes serving look so graceful.

I so do not want to be at the receiving end of that ball!

And the point goes too?

I am not sure if arms are suppose to bend like that?

Can we jump any higher?

This what Rachael Adams looks like when she is happy for a point!

So this is what Rachel Rourke looks like when she is excited for a point!

It was a GREAT game, so now time to celebrate! Rachael #7(Rachael’s team number from Bydgoszcz) and Rachel #15(Rachel’s team number from Sopot) as my littlest calls them and the family headed off to try a Mexican restaurant.

 The was the first time we have eaten Mexican here in Poland and actually is was pretty good!

Our good Mexican restaurant!

So I asked if they made virgin(non-alcoholic) raspberry margaritas and she kind of laughed and said if you do not add the alcohol what is the purpose? So I guess that meant, NO!

Fresh nacho chips!

Empanadas. While they were good they were nothing liking the ones we got in Panama and in Miami!

Their version of soft shelled tacos! OK so the soft shells got deep fried but they were technically soft at one time, right?

My fajitas! You can’t screw this up!

The hubby’s chimichanga was a lot like Rachel’s burritos just deep-fried!

We had a VERY long day but it was a blast!  Getting to go to the beach, looking for Amber, going to watch a volleyball game, and then having dinner with some old friends and a new friend was one that I wish we could do more often.  Who would have ever imagined a couple of crazy Americans, a Australian and a Turk would be eating Mexican in Poland!

Once again it is AMAZING where life can take you some times!

What is your favorite Mexican food to eat?  Mine,  a big plate of nachos and salsa!

love kelley
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7 Responses to Volleyball & Beaches in Sopot, Poland

  1. Katy says:

    My favorite is fajitas with lots of chips and salsa.

  2. Emrhn says:

    Mine is fresh clam in polish mexican restaurants ;)

  3. Andi says:

    My favourite Mexican is fajitas with chicken and lots of sour cream and salsa…and a shot of tequila of course :)

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