Volleyball, Thanksgiving, Hello’s and Good-Bye’s in Poland!

Right after church yesterday the girls and I headed out to another KS Palac game to cheer on Rachael and the rest of the Bydgoszcz team!   Unfortunately, they lost 0-3.  While it was not good for KS Palac to be done so quickly, it was nice for me because my dear friend Eva who has been gone for a LONG 2 months, flew back from London.  Her plane landed right after the game ended so the timing was PERFECT!

So here is how the game went……..

Rachael and the rest of the team all smiles before the game! Not so much afterwards.

Going up for the spike!

And another one!

I would to be a mouse during one of these timeout!

Holy cow can Rachael jump!

The small but very mighty fan section for the away team.

Not sure if Rachael was getting bored here but I think she is doing the moves to the YMCA song.

Oh the many faces of Rachael!

Rachael giving autographs to her fans who wait patiently outside the locker rooms. Not sure between the 3 of them who had the bigger smile!

And here is how our belated Thanksgiving dinner went after the game (thank goodness for crock-pots)….

I cooked way too much food yet again! I had to take off the table decorations to make room for the food. And course in the refrigerator waiting for us was pumpkin and pecan pie!

And how our good-bye went….

Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to yet another church missionary, Elder Weir. He is off to another city here in Poland to help spread the gospel!

Between church, watching Rachael play, Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie, and picking up my friend from the airport; I think it was a successful day!  Minus the good-bye part!

What is your favorite food to eat at a holiday meal?  Mine, pumpkin pie!


love kelley
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3 Responses to Volleyball, Thanksgiving, Hello’s and Good-Bye’s in Poland!

  1. Baily says:

    Thank you Kelley for all you did for John! (and also for the picture for us to see his smiling face!) We all appreciate it greatly and know your family will always be special to him :)

    • Bailey,

      We LOVED having your little brother over! We loving doing stuff like this for the missionaries! What until Christmas and see what we do for them! If any of the Weir clan make it over here let us know, we have a spare room!!!

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