Want to See Where I Live?

Want to See Where I Live?

Just want to quick say to all my Polish readers, tomorrow(if you are reading this on Saturday) or today(if you reading this on Sunday) at 13:30 on the Travel Channel will be our House Hunters International show!

So for you new readers, you are probably wondering, WHAT TV SHOW?

Read my previous blog post talking about it, Tonight’s the BIG Premier!

I guess it was on a few weeks ago and then it aired yesterday afternoon(I got 4 texts saying I was on TV here).  Well we do not get the Travel Channel with our cable package, so we are off to a friend’s house to watch it.

Here are few pictures from behind the scene’s!

Our Netherlands shoot.

One of our Polish question and answer sessions.

House #1

You will see the lock bridge in the episode.

House #2 location

House #3 location.

 Since we have not seen the episode yet, we are just a bit excited!

So now that it has aired here in Poland and in the US(on HGTV), I guess it is finally time for me to do a blog post about the filming of the show because there are a few twists and turns that will not see coming that happened behind the scenes!

If you have seen the show do you have any questions that you are dying to ask?

love kelley
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3 Responses to Want to See Where I Live?

  1. Adam says:

    I watched this program. Just a pity that it was so short…
    You have a nice house :) but so expensive :(
    But I am surprised that you live in a house that you choose in this TV program … because during communism, we used to say that television is lying.

    • Adam,

      Yes, I will agree with you it is on the pricey side, but unfortunately once people hear we are with NATO and that we are from the US they raise the price of the house! We are not the first that this has happened too!!! That and when we moved here a year ago there were no houses available we were very limited for choices which is the bad thing about moving during the winter, no one is moving! It is not my perfect house but it fine for now.

      • Adam says:

        I checked in internet prices for house rental . Your price it is for bydgoszcz top level, but within limits. But for polish conditions, for a person who earns average it is huge amount … :( .
        For me it’s nice (house), but also not perfect, I do not like terraced houses (because I live in the block :( ….).

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