Way to go kiddo!

I so am having a proud mom week and half with “E”!  

As many of you know, “E’ started going to a mostly Polish school back in August when we took her out of the English-speaking international school.  I have said it several times that was one of the best decisions that my husband and I have made in a long time when it comes to our kids.  While the decision was hard for us and I actually lost friends over it and had words spoken behind my back “how dare we pull them from an international school and put them in a Polish school!”  but I am  thanking God almost everyday for leading us and giving us peace for this decision we made.

First proud moment…..

Way to go kiddo!

Way to go kiddo!

One thing the girls school does, is they participate in quite a few city-wide school competitions with the other schools here in town.  The other week “E” along with a few other classmates represented the Sokrates school in a “Happy English’” competition.  Guess what place she got?  1st in the whole competition!!!!  Yes  she does a bit of advantage being a native speaker but heard what the other kids did and they were just as awesome.  The kids could recite a poem. sing a song or do a quite skit.  “E” choose to read a poem that a Polish friend of mine recommended to “E” as it was one that see used to help teach English to kids when she was a private tutor.  If you want to see “E” recite the poem click HERE  to see the YouTube click of one of her practice tries here at home.

The words to the poem go….

Homework! Oh, Homework!
I hate you! You stink!
I wish I could wash you away in the sink,
if only a bomb
would explode you to bits.
Homework! Oh, homework!
You’re giving me fits.

I’d rather take baths
with a man-eating shark,
or wrestle a lion
alone in the dark,
eat spinach and liver,
pet ten porcupines,
than tackle the homework,
my teacher assigns.

Homework! Oh, homework!
you’re last on my list,
I simple can’t see
why you even exist,
if you just disappeared
it would tickle me pink.
Homework! Oh, homework!
I hate you! You stink!

By: Jack Prelutsky

 Then on yesterday at church this…

Who would have ever imagined her first talk at church would be in Polish? CRAZY!!

Who would have ever imagined her first talk at church would be in Polish? CRAZY!!

“E” gave her first youth talk/sermon at church today and she did it in Polish!!  3 weeks ago when we found out she had to speak yesterday, I told her to try doing in Polish instead of English.  Needless to say a few tears came out at just the thought of her having to speak Polish in front of that many people.  But with a little practice it got easier and easier.  She totally rocked it at church only had to get help on 2 works during her 4 minutes up there.  The worse part?  Like with all the other talks that are in Polish (which is 95% of them) 1 of the church missionaries had to translate for me as I did not have clue of what she was saying.

Seriously, why do kids pick up foreign languages up so easily? I have trying to learn this language now for 2 years that we have been living here and “E” has been go to a Polish school for just under 4 months and I have yet to know enough for decent conversation!  I know enough to go shopping, eating out and if there was an emergency I think the gift of tongues would come for me or I would have to pray “E” would be near.

Why do you think learning a foreign language is so important?  We wanted our kids to learn Polish while here because we will be here for a few years and just in the last 4/5 months with the youngest 2 knowing Polish it has opened up so many doors for new friends, going to the park more enjoyable when other kids try to talk to them and enjoying new activities/programs that are available here because they understand Polish now.   Not only that it will make learning the next language that much easier too! 

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love kelley
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52 Responses to Way to go kiddo!

  1. bogo says:

    Hello Kelly,
    Learning Polish being here in Poland is – in my opinion – the best way to learn this language, because it gives the opportunity to stay among Polish speaking people, hearing spoken Polish and the ability to correct the language mistakes. As you know, Polish is one of the most difficult languages all over the world ( some people say – it’s the most difficult !! ) , so hearing foreign person speaking quite well Polish allows me to find his/her big challenge to learn it !!!
    Like the well known proverb says: In Rome do as Rome does – in Poland speak as Poland speaks – it’s the best way to know Poland, its history, culture, literature, music, film etc. It’s worth to know it, trust me !!
    P.S. Sorry for my not good English. Best wishes, Bogdan

    • Bogdan,

      1st, your English is GREAT!!! 2nd, I completely agree with you about learning the language of where ever you may live. I know enough German, Spanish and Dutch to go shopping and eating out from living in those countries and now Polish from living here. The best part is when I talk to Polish people and they don’t believe me that “E” is not a native Polish speaker because she speaks with no accent. My other daughter is doing the same way which is one of the reasons why we put her in a traditional Polish school this year. The first couple of months were a struggle for both of us but I am seeing it was all worth it!

  2. Jósef Guðnason says:

    First talk and 100 polish? Well done!

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  4. You should be a proud momma this week. Congrats to “E” on an awesome week.

    I’m sorry that your former friends didn’t respect your judgment as parents and support your decision. Personally I think that putting “E” in a Polish school and immersing her in the language can only benefit her in the future.

    Some researchers suggest that children who are bilingual are quicker, have stronger cognitive skills, are able to multitask easier and it makes them better able to deal with conflict.

    Take heart your Polish is sure to get better with time.

  5. Lindsay says:

    What a fun accomplishment and post! My husband and I just finished living in Seoul, S. Korea for 2 years, so I am loving the premise of your blog. It is fascinating to live abroad, and I can’t wait to do it again if the opportunity arises. I feel the same about children and language, how I WISH American schools would push kids to learn it earlier in their lives, I was only introduced to it in high school and am hopeless. Of course I learned enough Korean to get by, but not enough to be fluid. I think it comes down to how BIG America is. Compared to the smaller European and Asian countries, Americans can travel almost 3,000 miles and ALWAYS hear English. Other countries are so close, that a natural curiosity, a necessity is there? That is my thought anyway. Can’t wait to read more, thank goodness for this Blogelina Commentathon, I’m finding such great Bloggers!

    • Lindsay,

      I will keep my fingers crossed that you experience living overseas again as it is AMAZING! We have yet to make it to the Asia side of the globe. When we lived in The Netherlands I hardly learned any Dutch as everyone spoke English it was CRAZY!!

  6. Bren says:

    Kelley, what a great experience for E. We currently live in Japan but my kids go to an English speaking school. They are still picking up much more Japanese than me! I am so happy they are having this experience in elementary school.

  7. This was a great read! I can feel your dedication and excitement in living in Poland. It actually sparked my interest and now I want to travel there someday! :) I think it is wonderful that you are giving “E” a full experience going to Polish schools. Incredible! Thank’s for a great post!

  8. Clint Butler says:

    Kids never seem to amaze me, congratulations on 1st Prize “E”!!

  9. Jelli says:

    Awesome! You must’ve been beaming at both of E’s performances. I think it’s great that you’ve exposed your kids to the culture and language through sending them to a Polish school. Do you mean a Polish public or private? Just curious. My kids are growing up in a bilingual environment too, and though my oldest is only 2, we’re already trying to figure out where we’ll put her in school, though she does hear both (native) languages in our home. Our family spent time in Italy for a few months and definitely attest to the fact that kids and speaking a little of the language definitely opens up doors with the locals. They love to ask about kiddos! Happy to meet you and off to visit your about page. Loved this post!

  10. That Poem Was Fabulous. It made me laugh out loud. CONGRATS on having such a proud MOMMY week!! It makes you realize you are absolutely doing the right thing for your family.

  11. Congrats to E! You have a lot to be proud of and I love it when I see bloggers praising their children online. It makes me think how proud she will be when she’s older to show her kids things that happened in her life. You are doing a great job, Mom!

  12. Sarah says:

    Congratulations “E”!! I took Spanish in college, but never did really learn to speak it, though I can still read a little. I wish I had learned another language when I was young enough to really grasp it. I hope when munchkin is a little older I can find someone who can teach her another language.

  13. Tammy says:

    What a wonderful accomplishment for such a young child. Congrats!!

  14. Holly H says:

    That’s so awesome that she was able to speak in Polish for her first church talk! I was lucky enough to go to an elementary school that had a Spanish language program so I learned when I was young and can speak it today. I think that it’s easier for children to learn another language because they’re still learning their own to an extent so that part of the brain absorbs it more than an adult who has been speaking their native language since they were a toddler. Or, I could be totally off on that :-)

  15. I agree that it’s so easy for a child to pick up another language and impossible for the adult/mom. My 1 year old grandson is learning English and Russian and he’s amazing for absorbing the two languages. His brother is in 1st grade and is adding Spanish as his 3rd language. I’m sticking to my one language that I was born with(sigh).

  16. Crisi says:

    That was a definite couple of proud moments. Congratulations to E.

  17. Robyn R says:

    So amazing! I wish I had been given the same opportunities and that I could have given them to my children. Learning a second language is so much easier for children because they are nimble-minded enough to accept that the object has many names that interchange. They aren’t trying to translate, they just know it has more names. Very exciting for her!

  18. Candi says:

    That is very exciting. My kids are not really learning any languages. They are taking classes, but since they don’t use it, they really don’t learn. That is very cool for “E”

  19. Love the poem!

    Kids learn everything faster than us old people. We are just too set in our ways. I think kids are much more likely to question and speak up if they don’t understand. I have a tendency to just smile and nod if I don’t understand something. Afraid to seem foolish, I guess.

    Great to see another “mormon mommy.”

  20. Kelley, This was an awesome blog. The first thing that I wanted to address was switching schools. I’m happy for you that you guys did what was best for your family. We are in the states (California) and instead of putting our kids in private or homeschooling we put our kids in public school and caught a lot of flack for it. I don’t have some friends because of it. So I’m happy that you all did what was best for you all. That is what matters.

    The second thing is I wish we could learn as quickly as the younger when it comes to learning a language. I have been wanting to learn Spanish due to we are a minority here at our school and most of the moms talk in Spanish and don’t know English. It’s frustrating for me to not be able to communicate with them. However it’s been a challenge learning Spanish for me. Just thought I’d share that.

    Great post thanks for sharing, Tina

  21. Vivian says:

    That’s just lovely! I too would love to learn a second (maybe even third) language; Spanish and/or Italian. I’m hoping if I learn one, the other will be that much easier because they seem similar (at least to me).

    Great job on the poem ‘E’!

  22. Patti Barnes says:

    I think it is very brave to make a decision such as this about your child’s education. Especially when it is unpopular with others. But you know what is best for your children & family.
    We had a similar reaction when we decided to homeschool our son with autism, but he has truly blossomed since leaving the local school & we are happy it was the right decision for him.

  23. Selena says:

    I believe learning a foreign language or multiple languages is important for anyone. At any age, it opens up a lot of doors for you. Personally, I studied Spanish because I live in Los Angeles, Ca and it’s predominantly spoken in the area where I live. It’s also helps children become more well-rounded, extroverted, outgoing, and marketable when they are seeking a career. I say YES!

    I did have one question though, did the International School not teach Polish as a second language or provide it at all? You are living in Poland. Where’s the pride in the language? I’m really surprised by that if they did not. :)

  24. Carli says:

    I think it is great when kids learn a different language! Because they will always be thankful for it when they get older and can communicate with others. I always wished I had learned another language when I was younger, but my grandpa was from Sicily and he didn’t want to speak Italian or teach my dad so my dad never learned and of course I didn’t either. Sad really

  25. C. Lee Reed says:

    Wow you are brave. I can imagine that was a difficult decision. I definitely agree with your choice. Having experience with multiple languages can only increase their chances of success in the future.

    And what a wonderful way to honor another country. We used to be a military family and I so wish that while on tour, we had made more of an effort to learn the local languages. I’ve lived all over the world yet only speak a tiny bit of Spanish and Tagalog.

    Given that I’ve lived in almost every state and so many countries that I find it hard to count, I could have quite an impressive resume. Good for “E” and congrats for making the right choice.

  26. Daniel says:

    I belive that sending E to Polish school was a great step. This language can open a lot of doors at present. Polish are everywhere and Americans with fluent Polish language may benefit from it. Moreover, in the nearest future she will start another foreign language again in Polish Gimnazjum or even in Polish High School. Having possibly 3 fluent languages !!!

    I hope you enjoy living there, just realised that some many foreign people live all over Poland. It s pretty impressive for ma as being Polish that some of you decide to take a risk and live in the country with one of the hardest language in the world.

  27. Pam Russo says:

    It is obvious that you made the right decision regarding the Polish school. Your beautiful daughter is excelling. If you are going to live in a country, you should learn the language. Wonderful post.

  28. Learning a second language that young is a tremendous advantage. My husband is a recruiter for the US Army and I don’t know how many times it would be helpful to know Spanish. You are right though, learning a language late in life is hard. It’s an advantage though because you have so many job opportunities that you can be afforded just by simply being bilingual. That is a shame that anyone would look down on you for doing what you think is in the best interest of your child. I don’t know why parents have to be so hard on other parents. We are all just trying to do what is best for our own child.

  29. That is so amazing. I get really nervous talking to people in English, let alone a foreign language. Your daughter is really brave. My oldest is taking Spanish, and he makes it look so easy!!

  30. Rosanne says:

    I love how you guys stuck to your guns and your decision to take “E” out of the international school and put her in Polish school. It takes guts and grit to smile back in the face of people who just don’t “get” your choices. The good news is that as long as you listen to your heart, you can’t go wrong. Not only do you have something to be proud of in your daughter’s achievements, you can rest assured that she will have a sense of pride and accomplishment as well. You have opened her world immensely with the gift of the opportunity to learn a second language. She and her world view will be better for it. Bravo and cheers to creating a unique path for you and your family. The friends you may have lost over it, probably weren’t worth having anyway…

  31. Congrats for your daughter. Getting up in front of your ward and speaking in polish is awesome for her!! How wonderful :) you must be so proud of her :)

  32. Marissa says:

    Way to go, “E”! Congrats to her for those awesome accomplishments!

    Learning another language for kids definitely opens up a whole new world for them with all new opportunities. I hope she continues to have success with her language skills!

  33. Kay says:

    Being multi-lingual is the way to go in this world. I am doing the same with my children. Plus I am glad you didn’t waver and did what you felt wit your child, that is the way it should be

  34. What an accomplishment at such a young age! You have every right to be a proud mama this week! I think it’s so important to teach language early.. you can even see it yourself how easily it is picked up! I saw someone in the comments say they started learning in high school, so did I, and even though I remember a few words here and there, I can’t speak it to save my life.

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