We survived our first day of Polish school

Today was the first day of school here in Bydgoszcz, Poland and guess what?  We survived our first day of Polish school!

As you know we were not over impressed with the International School here in town so this school year we pulled our 2 youngest from the school and put them in a private Polish school here in town, SOKRATES.   This school is taught in mostly Polish with some classes taught in English.  So will it be a challenge for my kids?  YES but “E’s” Polish is good enough for a basic conversation and “A” knows more then she lets on as she does not like using it.  There are about 20 kids that moved from the International school to this school so my girls know a few other kids here so it makes it a bit easier for them.  Then during opening ceremonies my girls ran into other friends that they know from swim lessons and art class that they took last school year.  So I think the transition will be easier on them since they know a few friends at the school.

Today school was only about an hour and half.  They had an opening ceremony for the kids and parents.  Then we meet the teachers and went over the school year, locker keys and other fun school stuff.  

Now if the rest of the school year is like what I saw today, it is going to be an AWESOME year for my 2 girls!  I getting more and more impressed with this school.  For after school activities/lessons they have karate, cooking classes, handball, chemistry, computers, dance, chess and few other options for the girls.  They even had someone translate during the opening ceremony for all the non-native Polish parents (there several of us this year).  They even hired one of the teachers who was fired from the International school to teach English at this school and to be the “guardian angel”(direct Polish translation) for all international students this year at the school.  She is AMAZING and I am so glad she is at this school to help with the kids as she was “E’s” saving angel this morning when she was unsure about the new school.

Here is how our day went…


Welcome to the Opening Ceremony!


This school quite a bit bigger than the other school which means a lot more options for the kids.


The sang a few songs to us.

The kids sang a few songs to us.


Welcome to 3rd grade!


Why do bow ties look so cute on boys?


This is how you know you are in a Polish school, Polish symbol hanging up in each of the classrooms.


My hubby and my dear, dear, (did I say dear?) friend looking at the Polish language cheat sheet hanging up in “E’s” classroom. Oh, Polish language can you please get easier for me!


“E” was having a hard time in the beginning of the day with going to a new school, we had a few tears shed in the beginning but by end of the ceremony, I turned around and saw this, HEAVEN to my eyes.


"A's" classroom.  I feel sorry for the 2 teachers, 13 girls and 3 boys. 2 of the girls are "A's" American best friends so the other girls are going to perfect their English in no time to keep up with the 3 of them.

“A’s” grade 1 classroom. I feel sorry for the 2 teachers, 13 girls and 3 boys. 2 of the girls are “A’s” American best friends so the other girls are going to perfect their English in no time to keep up with the 3 of them.

My babies are not babies anymore!  12th, 3rd and 1st grade. Where does the time go?

My babies are not babies anymore! 12th, 3rd and 1st grade. Where does the time go?

No, I did not forget about my oldest.  She officially started her Senior year today too.  She is doing online high school with Laurel Springs again this year.  This a perfect for her!  Yes doing online high school she is going to miss a few things but we are going to try our best to have some of the fun experiences that go with your senior year available for her!  First up, senior pictures and class ring.  And no worries she will be experiencing Homecoming as well.  

This is going to be a good school for all 3 girls, I have a hunch!  

Did your parents take first day of school pictures?  I have for the last 15 years with my kids!

love kelley
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  2. Jaimie says:

    What an awesome experience for your kids–getting immersed into another culture! I hope this year goes wonderfully for all of them. :) I’m one of your fellow Blogelina comment-athon members! :)
    Jaimie recently posted..How to Make a Marriage LastMy Profile

  3. Wow! Go you. I sometimes think “I would love to live in another country,” but then I realize I am WAY too attached to my American people and things! How do you deal with the transition of all your everyday routines? I saw on your About Me page one example of how you love to bake but can’t find a lot of the same groceries… That alone would make me want to cry, lol! You’re a strong woman and I admire you!
    Megan Poletti recently posted..Liquid Leaf filing cabinetMy Profile

    • I am attached to my American things but you learn very quickly that they are just things! There for the most part a lot of the same stuff here just will different names. Premade stuff does not really exist here so I have learned to make a lot of things from scratch like whipped cream, pie crusts, pasta salads, chicken soup and let me tell you it tastes sooooooo much better then our US stuff!

  4. Jill says:

    I love this experience you shared! Your kids will be better for it. I think learning a new culture for anyone is one of the best things they can do!
    Jill recently posted..Paper In Ways You Never ThoughtMy Profile

  5. Andrea says:

    What a wonderful opportunity you and your family has to be able to experience another culture! It sounds like your girls were very brave on their first day of school. Best wishes for an incredible school year.

  6. amanda says:

    Our first day of school was back in June. We’re living abroad as well – we’re in India.
    amanda recently posted..Outside My Window: Ganpati Bappa MoryaMy Profile

  7. Kyisha Long says:

    I’m glad everything turned out alright.
    Kyisha Long recently posted..New Syfy Show: Heroes Of CosplayMy Profile

  8. Salma says:

    It must be quite an experience in a new country and learning a new language but kids are very resiliant and your girls seem to be doing so well. Tomrrow is my son’s first day of pre-school and it’s a pretty exciting time!

  9. Looks like a great school! I grew up in Germany and want to get my son to go to German school for one afternoon in the week because I’m failing with teaching him German. So how is your Polish, are you learning as well? That’s a hard language to learn.


  10. MammaNene says:

    Sound like it’s a good school and I bet your childs will learn a lot here! I whish them best of luck :)
    I’ve read you like “real life homemade” things versus canned ones… I agree with you!!!
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  11. Noor Unnahar says:

    I wish their schooling will go well , it’s too hard to move from one place to another.
    Noor Unnahar recently posted..Friday rhymes with Fry dayMy Profile

  12. Areeba says:

    I am glad that you all are doing great in a different country and language. It’s far awesome that there are some known kids with girls to make their experience better. Good luck ladies :)
    Areeba recently posted..Food is a personal thingMy Profile

  13. This is great. That school looks like a comfortable place. It should be a great challenge for your children. I also love the bow tow. Great post!
    Brian Rodriguez recently posted..Football Americano: Anthony MunozMy Profile

  14. Amanda @ My Show says:

    I love the first day of school, I guess that’s why I’m a teacher. My mom would take first day pictures some years, but not others, I can’t wait to take my daughters picture every year in the first day!

  15. Sara Wells says:

    It sounds like your family is going to have a great year at this new school! I don’t have little ones yet, but when I do, I’ll definitely be taking lots of first day photos!

  16. I may have to move to Europe soon with my husband and kids, and I am so nervous. Your blog gave me a glimmer of hope.
    Mrs. Waste Not recently posted..Five Favorite Frugal Activities from the Last WeekMy Profile

  17. Brenda Ruiz says:

    Such an amazing experience for your children, living in Poland. Thanks for sharing this story!

  18. Ashley Leona says:

    My mom always took first day of school photos. I want to do the same but I have several years before my baby starts school.
    Ashley Leona recently posted..Take Me To Life In The FortiesMy Profile

  19. Iris says:

    This is so exciting! My hubby is polish and we are trying to teach our son (and myself) the language, its a hard one! I wish we could live abroad at some point, what a great experience.

  20. That is so great that you have photo memories of your children’s first day of school. My parents didn’t take first day of school pictures and I never really thought about it. SInce my children take school photos twice a year, I just use those as my photo memories.
    Carolina Coupon Mom recently posted..Harris Teeter FREEBIE Coupon Matchups | September 11 – 17, 2013My Profile

  21. Yes, each year we take pictures of our kids first day of school. Our son, 4 years old, wanted to be in this year’s pictures. He’s going to preschool but can’t wait to go to all day school with his big sisters. And I love the pictures you took. It’s so neat to see what school is like in a different country.

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  23. Lynnette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and experiences. My family and I will be moving to Bydgoszcz in August. I have 2 children. My son is 13 and will be entering 8th grade after we arrive. My daughter will be 12 and entering 7th grade. I am worried about school options. We haven’t heard any positives about the International School… but we aren’t very comfortable with our options. If our kids were younger, I wouldn’t mind putting them in Polish school. I think this will be extremely difficult for middle schoolers. I can’t imaging sending them to boarding school… and not sure home school would be a good match. Please let me know what caused you to pull your kids from ISOB… if you don’t mind. If you have any other words of wisdom regarding schools… I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!
    Very sincerely,

    • Lynnette,

      I have a strong hunch the reason why you are moving here!!! Please email me at kkagele@gmail.com and I will be glad to give you more of a run down of what all happened previously at ISOB the last 2 years and well as what is currently going on this year. Just to give you a heads up all of the Americans and Italians kids are no longer going to ISOB and the Canadian family is looking at pulling their 6th and 7th grade out of there and looking for options now for them. Our 12th grader has been doing online high school here since 10th grade because their classes have a hard time transferring to US high graduation credits because the high school ISOB is not accredited. But there is a positive in all of this, school where my kids go now just got there Cambridge International School certification so they will be offering all grades next year in English.

      Here is the blog for the main reasons why I pulled my daughters out….http://neveradulldayinpoland.com/it-cant-be-swept-under-the-carpet-anymore/

      I look forward to talking to you soon!!

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