Well it is finally here

For those of you who are fans on my Facebook Fan page, earlier this week I mentioned that some changes were coming to my blog.

Well they are HERE!!!

I started this blog a little over 2 years ago to let my family and friends know what life was like for us here in Poland. (I had never heard of anyone moving to Poland to take a job before nor had any of friends or family) Well in the past 2 years because of this blog, I have on a international TV show, be on local Polish news, and in Polish newspapers, which all changed the course of my blog throughout the years.

Behind the scenes I can see how each of you get here through Facebook, search engines, email links, Pinterest or other unique ways. I can see that people from as far south as Hobert, Tasmania to as far north Harstad, Norway and everywhere else in between come and visit my blog.

I can see what terms you “Google” to come to my blog too.  The top ones in the past year besides the name of the blog are…living in Poland, Polish pottery, Polish recipes, and volleyball ones(this one threw me for a loop!).

So what does this all mean to you my blog readers? 

1. I am going to more faithful on posting Polish recipes.  Tuesday blog posts are now faithfully will be called, “Tasty Tuesday” and will be centered around the AMAZING Polish food that I have been eating and cooking here in Poland.  Every once in a while I will throw in an EASY American recipe as I have Polish readers as well who are asking me for recipes that they can make here in Poland with Polish ingredients.

Like this recipe..

Polish plum cake

Polish plum cake

2. Sunday blog posts will now centered around product reviews that I know are great for my family as they will be for yours. It will be a mix of products for my Polish readers, my American readers as well has my International readers.  Cool huh?

Like this review…

Isn't see  she all stylish?

Isn’t see she all stylish?

3.  Now here is the one that I am most excited about!  I have add a Forum page to my blog.

 Well it is finally here!!!


At least a couple of times of a week I get emails from readers asking me questions about living here as an expat, looking for jobs, questions about this Polish pottery place or hotel recommendations.  I am only one person and I don’t know everything as Poland is a HUGE country!  So I thought why not set up a forum were you can ask questions and you can help answer the questions of others.  For instance, I don’t go to clubs or bars so if someone asks me a question about what is the best hangout in Bydgoszcz, I would say my living room but I am sure a 21-year-old student doesn’t want to hangout with my family but I know several readers are also in their early 20′s that would know the answer!  I have never been to Wroclaw, Poland but we are looking at going there in a few weeks so I have a few questions about that area, so I would love to hear from those of you that have been there or live there.

So if you look to the right you will see an area, “Register & Login to my site.” In order to make comments or ask questions on the forum you must first register as a user. How easy is that?  The Forum is up and running so go ahead and start asking questions or giving others great tips you might have about Poland.  It is going to be a work in progress so I am going to apologize now for minor kinks that are going to happen.  If you see another topic that needs to be added let me know and I will be glad to add it.  I spent more hours than I care to say to get this forum thing up and running so my brain in fried about it, so I welcome any suggestions you might have.

What do you think about these changes? Do you think I should change anything else? I am debating on changing the design and color scheme of the blog as my next big project.

love kelley
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One Response to Well it is finally here

  1. Renee Allen says:

    I like the simplicity and color scheme of your blog. But if you have time to make changes and desire to, that’s probably fun for you, too!

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