Well today is the day!

Jim and I.

22 years ago my husband decided to enlist in the United States Air Force.  But luckily at his very first military assignment to Minot, North Dakota, he met me and swept me off of my feet and we fell madly in love.  Well over the last 20 years that we have been married the  Air Force has been really good to us by sending us to Germany, Panama, The Netherlands, Florida, Illionis, and Nebraska.  But unfortunately every chapter must come to an end and as of today, this chapter of our lives is done.  My husband is offically retired from the United State Air Force after 22 years of service, on March 1st, 2012.  Most people when they retire from the military do a retirement ceremony.  We did one for Jim in November right before left to move here to Poland to start our next chapter of our lives.  So for all of those friends and family that are reading this, “THANK YOU,” for making the 22 years of Jim’s career a GREAT one!  And to my husband when he reads this, “I am so proud of you for the last 22 years of service that you did in the Air Force and I love you!”

 Here are few of the pictures of the day out of the 250 that were taken.

So what is one of the proudest moments you have of your spouse or loved one?

love kelley
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154 Responses to Well today is the day!

  1. Pamela says:

    What a great accomplishment! What a great way to support & praise your husband. I am so proud of you (LOL).

    Now on to the next chapter of you all lives-Poland.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  2. Wayne says:

    Well done Kelly and Jim congrats on your official retirement.

  3. Lisa says:

    What a milestone in both of your lives! I’m sure it’ll take some adjustments on both of your parts but you’ll enjoy this next phase of your life & marriage. Congratulations again!

  4. Susette says:

    Congratulations to you both! Miss seeing you here. So…are we on for next year?!

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  7. Dave H. says:

    Congrats on your retirement. Now you will have to go out and make an honest living! Just kidding. Hope you enjoy your new job and take care of one of my 3 favorite nieces. Looks like a really nice retirement party. God’s blessing to you and your family.

  8. Melinda says:

    Thank you to you and your husband for your service to our country! And congratulations on retirement!

  9. I’d also like to thank you, your husband, and your family for all of your sacrifices that you made. We are forever indebted to our troops. I hope this new season of life is exciting and peaceful.

  10. Angie Nelson says:

    Congratulations, and best of luck to both of you as you enter this new chapter of your lives.

  11. Jamie says:

    Congratulations! That is definitely an event for celebration! And thanks for serving!

  12. Julie says:

    That is really neat! And thank you for serving our country! I love all the pictures of the event! And congrats to your hubs. May the next chapter of your life be even more fulfilling!

  13. D says:

    WOW what a great post! It is so sweet of you to honor your husband in this way. Thank you for his service to our country. I know exactly which base you were at in NE- OFFUTT. Go huskers :)

  14. Have fun in retirement, and welcome to the ranks of “veteran” status

  15. Dawn Storey says:

    Congratulations on reaching such a major milestone! The celebrations looked wonderful and very meaningful. All the best to you and your family in the future!

  16. Daily Citron says:

    I am jealous that you’ve gotten to travel so much! I need to make traveling a priority this year. I love the layout of your blog, by the way, with the scraps of paper and “Polaroids.” I am curious as to whether you will travel so much now that he is retired.
    -Viva, from dailycitron.com

    • Being in the military had it’s perks but there were the disadvantages too like not seeing some of my family members only once every 5 years or longer! :(

      I am glad you enjoyed my layout, I am redoing my design and layout because I have grown a lot more then I ever dreamed. But I will keep these special features.

  17. Thanks for sharing your husband’s special day with us! This is the first time I’ve been to your blog – I look forward to reading more about your adventures in Poland!

  18. Thank you to you and your family for 22 years of support and service of our country! Enjoy the next chapter in your lives! My maiden name is polish :)

  19. Wow! That sounds like an exciting life, I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  20. I was moved by your words and your pictures..and I don’t even know you! But that’s the power of a good blog. (BTW, you two don’t look old enough to be “retiring” from anything.) This post was a lovely tribute to you and your family.

  21. Thanks for the many years of dedication and service! All the best to your family in future endeavors. Makes me wonder – of all those places you’ve lived, where will you choose to settle down now?

  22. Brooke says:

    Congratulations! I really enjoyed looking at the photos from the ceremony. It is also pretty amazing to have lived in so many different places in the world :)

  23. Jill says:

    Congratulations to your husband on his retirement – great photos there and it sounds like you’ve had a rich and full few years!! All the best for your next venture in Poland! Beautiful country!

  24. Janet K says:

    What a wonderful milestone for your family!! That must feel amazing!! I love all of the pictures (and how they look like paper laying on your blog page ;)) Congratulations and Welcome to your New Life!!

  25. Thank your husband for his service from me abd thank you for standing by his side all this time. Heard too many divorced military stories.

  26. kristin says:

    Congrats to you and your husband and thank you both for your service to your country! What an exciting opportunity to start the next chapter of your lives together, and you get to share it with the world through your blog.

    And I have to agree with one of the previous posters – you do not look anywhere near retirement age!

  27. Great Blog, what movated you to move to Poland? I only visited briefly but thought it was fantastic. Thanks for your service to your country also!

  28. Angi says:

    It will be nice now that you are retired. Enjoy it!

  29. Wow, what an accomplishment. So I wonder, what made you choose Poland? I’d love to hear more about it!
    My son was in the hospital as a baby, and our very favorite nurse was from Poland!

  30. Robin says:

    What wonderful fun… and also hard work … to move around the world! Have a great time in Poland. One of my favorite friends in the world already bought her retirement property, in Poland!

  31. Lisa says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband. How exciting for the next chapter of your lives to begin.

    Stopping by from the 100 Comments event.


  32. Thank you for sharing this special time and for those years of service. Hope you’re loving your new life!

  33. Elizabeth says:

    New beginnings are very exciting, and as a military family, you’ve had many. Best wishes in this new chapter of your life. Any chance you know some AF friends of ours…the Kees?

  34. loulouloves says:

    Welcome over the pond… good luck with your new adventure. Life is such a wonder!

  35. Starlene says:

    Congratulations to your husband! My Grandpa was in the service and my Grandma was a civilian who came onto the base to work in a secretary pool. They knew each other three months and were married just before he had to go off to WWII. They have such a great love story, it sounds like yours is very similar. :-)

  36. Jamie says:

    What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to you both. It is such a lucky thing in life to have found your perfect match!

  37. Judidth says:

    Wow, Poland! I guess you’ve been in so many countries now that you can settle anywhere. I live in a country where you’ve been too, the Netherlands. Although maybe when you were there I was living in England, where I lived for a long time. No air force, just academia. :-)

  38. I think my proudest moment for my husband…I don’t know if there is just one but one that comes to mind was after my husband finished teaching these middle/high school kids to do android programming, the outreach program did a video clip of it and I couldn’t wait to post the video on my blog for all to see! Thanks for sharing your photos. Congrats to your husband for retiring and good luck in Poland!

    It’s nice “meeting” you through Blogelina’s comment tour!

  39. Congratulattions to you both! I think it’s awesome that you and your family are living and learning in another country. My parents migrated from Haiti years ago, and I love that I’m American and have traditions from another country. What a cool blog.

  40. Congratulations to both you and your husband! What an honor and so glad you celebrated his time of service.

    So are you moving from Poland? What is next?

  41. Congratulations! and best wishes!

  42. Eschelle says:

    Congratulations on the new chapter of your life, I am so happy for the both of you and it is so lovely you even got a little present how thoughtful!! Thank you to you both for your service!

  43. Millie says:

    Wonderful pictures. Congrats to you all. How exciting to be in Poland!

  44. Easy2Save says:

    How exciting all the travel you have been able to do. Now you will really be able to have fun enjoy.

  45. I love all the pics. Thank you for letting your husband serve, I know it can be trying on the family. But it sounds like you’ve had some really neat adventures! Enjoy retirement!
    My proudest moment so far of my hubs is when he graduated in a degree he loved!

  46. Congratulations to your husband. Please thank him on my behalf for 22 years of service to our country. Good luck with the next chapter of your lives!

  47. dawn says:

    Congratulations! It looks like it was a wonderful ceremony.

  48. brett says:

    thank you to you and your husband for your years of service. what a beautiful party. and i LOVE the shadowbox you had done!

  49. Glenda Cates says:

    Thanks to you and your family for serving our country and congrats on his retirement. For me it is not my husband but my daughter who at 16 gave her live helping one of her friends.

  50. Lisa says:

    THANK YOU! So much for your service! I have had many family members in the service. What a great sacrifice your family has made for ours. Thank you!

  51. Congratulations! You must be so proud of your husband. So what does the future hold for you and your family?

  52. Julie says:

    What a beautiful moment. I know you are proud. You should be.

  53. Chelle says:

    Congratulations to your husband (and to you) on his 22 years of service, and now his retirement. On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank him for his service and you for the sacrifices made to support him. My best friend also recently retired from the USAF after 22 years, and her celebration was a remarkable and moving event.
    Much joy to you both in your new civie lives!
    Peace and good to you.

  54. Deanna says:

    Congrats to you and your husband! I give military wives credit… I don’t know how well I would handle my husband being gone for soooo long all the time. … btw, thank your husband for me!

  55. Thank you for serving our country. You have my deep gratitude. Thank you to your husband and thank you to you for sharing him with us.

  56. Congratulations. One of my husband’s proudest moments was when he sang all the verses of the National Anthem at his brother-in-law’s retirement from the USAF. Verse 3 says: Oh, thus be it ever, when free men shall stand, Between their loved homes and war’s desolation: Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n rescued land, Praise the Pow’r that hath made and perserved us a nation.” It was very poignant.
    Enjoy the next 22 years

  57. Andi says:

    thank him for ALL of us – he deserves all of our thanks!

  58. That is so nice of you to be so thankful and honor his accomplishment in this way. My husband served for 4 years in the US Air Force and that experience is something he will never forget. It was a great life building experience. Unfortunately for us the travel is what made him hang up his hat so early. We just could not stand being away from our families. I guess you could say we were a little more than home sick.

  59. Deborah Owen says:

    What a fantastic house! Is it yours? I could look at that picture all day. Congratulations to you and your hubby as you walk through another door and into a new dawn. Make the most of it. Deb

  60. Having had my Dad in the Army I know how emotional a farewell can be. So much of pride and a bit of trepidation too about facing ‘civilian’ life. Wishing your family all that’s good.

  61. Emily says:

    I was so proud of my husband getting his current job. The competition was tough and we had been waiting for a few years for him to get the perfect job.

  62. AllieRambles says:

    Thank you husband for his service to our country. And thank you for supporting him in his journey.

    My husband was in the Navy when we married but he changed careers soon into our life together. He would have had his retirement probably this year. I think about that at times when we learn of his friends he knew back then and they too are retiring now. What is the next step? They are young enough to start another career. Many do.

    I am proud of my husband. He actually joined the military in search of something new and to serve. It was the reason he started his career he is on now and he has provided for us ever since. He had a great foundation.


  63. Congratulations and thank you to your family for your service!

  64. What a wonderful accomplishment. It’s easy to see why you are so proud of him!

  65. Anjanette says:

    How exciting! Have fun celebrating a new stage – and thank your husband for his service for me. :)

  66. Congratulations! What a beautiful tribute to your husband and hero. Enjoy this new chapter of your lives. Blessings!

  67. Kecia says:

    Congratulations to your husband on his retirement, and kudos to you for being so supportive during his trek around the world! I wish you two the best with the new chapter you are starting. :)

  68. womenar4 says:

    Thank you Jim for your 22 years of service to our country. I hope you guys enjoy the extra family time together.

  69. Amanda says:

    Recently my husband received a special privilege. It was such a great honor.

  70. What a blessing. Hats off to Hubs for serving and to you and your family for lovingly supporting him through that period.

  71. Deedra says:

    I loved our days in the military and miss it often!

  72. Suzy Myers says:

    What a great post! Congratulations to both of you!!


  73. Jeanette Prichard says:

    Great accomplishment! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  74. Thanks for sharing your photos! Hope you can enjoy life there!

  75. Shelly says:

    Congratulations and many thanks for your families the service. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  76. Have fun in this next chapter of your life.

  77. Congrats, now you get to see him all the time. This is a great accomplishment. I myself have 10 years in the Army. Now he can just lay back and do nothing LOL. Great post and enjoy the next 10 years, where every it takes you.

  78. A big THANK YOU to you husband for proudly serving our country!

  79. Staci says:

    My husband was in the Army then National Guard for a total of 20. Congrats to both of you and blessings for your lives ahead of you! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  80. Thanks for the sacrifices you both have made, and to your husband for his service!

  81. Congratulations and Thank you so much for your service, which makes it possible for me to have freedoms! Can’t wait to see your adventures in your new phase of life!

  82. What a wonderful day! Thank you for serving our country for so long! I hope that you guys will have great joy in retirement.

  83. A big thank you to your husband for faithfully serving out country for 22 years, and to your family as well. Best wishes on your new life in Poland,

  84. Congratulations on the retirement! My husband did 14 years in the Marine Corps and it was very hard for him to leave…but he didn’t want to miss out on any more of his daughter’s growing up :) I wish you both good luck in your next adventure!

  85. stephanie says:

    Congratulations! and thanks to both of you for your service. Yes, wives serve in their own way, I know I am a retired military spouse. The next chapter will be bring new wonders, enjoy.


  86. stephanie says:

    Congratulations! and thanks to both of you for your service. Yes, wives serve in their own way, I know I am a retired military spouse. Enjoy the next chapter .


  87. katie says:

    That’s a great accomplishment. Something that you guys can definitely be proud of.

  88. JulieK says:

    My proudest moment for me of my husband was the day he helped deliver our baby (2 years ago) – it sounds weird but I was sure he was going to get grossed out or not want to even see anything but he stepped RIGHT UP and did everything the nurse told him to do and was coaching me and everything. I was very proud of him! :)

  89. Wendy says:

    What a great post! It’s so nice to see a happy, married couple. There is so much negativity on the internet from women about their hubby. :(

    Congrats on your 20 years of marriage and thank you for your service to our country!

    Around My Family Table

  90. Ashley L says:

    Few things…
    As a child, I always wanted to join the Air Force! I scheduled an appointment with a recruiter and my mother begged me not to go. So, off to college I went. As it turns out, the love of my life was only 2 years away from that day and I’m so grateful for not enlisting for that very reason!

    Thank you to your husband for serving our country! I am always humbled by the amount of sacrifice our military is required to make in order to serve. Congrats to you for being able to withstand being an Air Force wife! I have 2 great friends that are married to Air Force guys and they have shared some hard stories. I do not do well being alone and my 2 friends (and I’m sure you experienced this, as well) have expressed their strength in being able to live in faraway places, secluded from family and friends (both friends in Ukraine); wondering if their husbands would be around for the births of their children; not having someone to hand off the children to in the evening because sometimes the hubby wouldn’t come home for a few months; and I am in awe of their abilities to lift up their husbands even when they themselves are desperate for some lifting up. So congrats to you too- you made it!

    Were you by chance with the Olmsted Scholar program? Both of my friends are part of that and I find it so fascinating!

    Thank you for sharing this with us! How proud of your husband you must be!

  91. Krystle says:

    Congrat on his retirement! I appreciate his hard work and dedication. BTW, I’d love to visit Poland someday. It looks lovely!

  92. Congrats! What a wonderful post! I loved all the great photos, such a beautiful family :)

  93. Cambria says:

    Congrats! We love to travel and it sounds like the military would be such an adventure, with all its ups and downs! Hope the next chapter of your life is great!

  94. Single Gal says:

    Thank you to both you and your husband for what you’ve done! I know your husband was the one in the Air force, but it’s important to remember the families that support them, too!

  95. Colette says:

    Congratulations and thank you both for your service. A lot of people don’t realize the family sacrifices just as much as the soldier does. The cake and the cupcakes look Dee-lish!

  96. marye` says:

    What an accomplishment, for both of you. My FIL was in the Navy for 20+ years. I loved listening to him tell all of the family stories from their travels. Enjoy the new chapter in your life. I am sure it will be an exciting one!

  97. Thank you both for your sacrifice and service! Congratulations on retirement… enjoy this next chapter in your lives!

  98. Stacy King says:

    What a fun adventure you are embarking on! Thanks to your husband for his service and to you, also for yours as his spouse and support. God bless and be safe.

  99. Yannie says:

    Hope You`ll live a more meaningful life as you take the next chapter of your life. God bless!

  100. Marian says:

    Your husband will surely miss his job. Hope you`ll enjoy the ride on the next chapter.

  101. Mona says:

    Congrats on his retirement. One of my hubby’s big achievements was getting his doctorate in english literature. It was a long road, but he did it!

  102. Tonya Peele says:

    What a fantastic ending to a wonderful career. You must be so excited about settling into your new life. My best to you!!

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  104. Christy K. says:

    What a beautiful family! How exciting to experience the world like that. Congrats on your husband’s retirement and tell him thank you for his brave service!


  105. Thanks for your service and dedication to your country. Good luck with retirement, and enjoy it.

  106. wow. 22 years! Seems like you all have had a lot of adventures. Congratulation and enjoy retirement.

  107. isis says:

    Great photos! It’s good that you can have more time for each other now that hubby is officially retired. :)

  108. tegel outlet says:

    Congratulations!! really great pics Thanks for sharing

  109. Thanks a great accomplishment. Congrats!!

  110. Maura says:

    Poland, eh? Good luck on your new adventure!

  111. Stacy says:

    Thank you to your husband for serving our country for the past 22 years!

  112. What a beautiful family you have! Thank you for sharing the pictures. And thank you to your husband for 22 years of service! God Bless all of you!

  113. Happy retirement. Hubby and I have many years to reach that one!

  114. LaVonne says:

    I hope you and your husband have a blessed retirement. Thank him for serving so faithfully. I also thank you for standing by his side. I know military life is not an easy life. God bless!

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