What a Month

YES, I am still alive!!  I can’t believe it has been over a month since I have posted anything on the blog.

Well this past month has been completely crazy in our house…..

Lots of Scouting activities

You can never eat too many s'mores!

You can never eat too many s’mores!


This is how I feel while helping the girls with their Polish homework!

A few birthday parties

Who's hungry?

Who’s hungry?

organized 3 Halloween parties

My and bunch of friends got together and organized a party at the local orphanage to show the kids some fun American traditions.

A bunch of friends and I got together and organized a party at the local orphanage to show the kids some fun American traditions.

School Halloween party!

School Halloween party!

helping organize a Literacy week for the girls school

Did you know Dr. Suess books has been translated into 20 different languages? Me, either!

working on Christmas parties already


I got a job!!


What??? I know I said the same thing when I was asked and I still say that to myself everyday.

What I am doing?  I am teaching conversational English!  The person who likes to talk to complete strangers is getting paid to talk to people?  Yep, is this not awesome?

I am teaching conversational English at my girls school.  I also have a friend who teaches English here in town and her daughter had to go in for emergency surgery so I for the past couple of weeks I have been doing a few of her classes.

I have been having one heck of a fun time teaching them!  Why I have never done this before?

What a month October was for my family and I!

Now that “life” has settled down around me, I will be posting some of the fun adventures I have had over the past month!

 What was your first real job?  I was a dishwasher at a restaurant.

love kelley
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5 Responses to What a Month

  1. ola says:

    Thank God! I was worried about You. Happy to see everything’s ok. Longtime reader. Good luck!


  2. Wanda Avila says:

    Cashier for Kmart. Glad you are back! Have missed reading your posts!

  3. Jayn Dickson says:

    Found your blog by accident while searching for pottery factories in Poland. I will be in Boleslawiec in March and can’t wait. Your adventures sound so fun with church and community. I’ve had similar experiences myself in Germany and loved the lds conferences there. Any tips on scheduling the factory tours, etc…. Look forward to your reply if you have the time.

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