Where are you from?

The other afternoon the girls and I were out for a walk here in town and we ran into one of the sets of our church missionaries here in town.  We did not recognize one the young men as they do what is called exchanges once a week.  Two missionaries from two different cities goes to the other city for a day.

Well the missionary that was here for day is currently is living in Gdansk just north of us but is “real” home is in Norway. So after a quick chat on the sidewalk it was decided that they come over for a quick lefsa making party in a couple of hours.  He loves lefsa as much as we do and is one of the things he misses from home, so of course we had to make some before he left back for Gdansk in the morning.  After a quick run to grocery store to get some potatoes and cream, it was time to get the lefsa making party going.

Time to add the flour.

Time to add the flour.


How thin does this have to be?


Perfect brown spots!


My little mini me. This brings back memories of making this when I was her age with my grandma and mom.


They were eating them as fast as we could cook them.


Checking to see if it is thin enough.


This our Norwegian missionary thinking…”if my mom could see me now!”

After cooking for 2.5 hours we were finally done making lefsa!

Coolest part of the evening?  Growing up in Norway he had never made this from scratch before.  He would just run to the local grocery store to buy some.  Who would have thought that this American girl living in Poland would be teach a Norwegian how to make this tradition Norway food?

Did I get you hungry for some lefsa?  Click HERE to go to my blog post recipe on how to make this.

What your favorite ethnic food?  I would have to say taco’s. 

love kelley
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5 Responses to Where are you from?

  1. Renee Allen says:

    How did you learn to make lefsa?

  2. Renee Allen says:

    Clicked on your recipe link and got my answer! :)

  3. Scott R. Lucado says:

    Favorite ethnic food? Gyros! (Similar to, but much better than, the “kebabs” sold all over Europe.)

  4. MelissaG says:

    Hands down, pierogi has to be my favorite ethnic food! My grandmother (father’s mother) used to make delicious pierogi – potato & onion and sauerkraut with dried mushrooms (or what we used to called “Polish mushrooms”.) I wish I had her recipe! Do you have a recipe for pierogi you’d like to share?

    I am from Port Jefferson Station, New York…A small hamlet on the North Shore of Long Island!

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