Who is Ready for a Christmas Party?

One of the great things about this time of year is all the Christmas parties!  Tonight we did our church Christmas party.   One of the neat things about being here is learning all the different Polish customs that come with the Christmas holiday.  Last year we had just moved to Poland and just moved into our house and I was still learning up from down and right from left, so holiday traditions were not on my priority list!

Tonight several of us from church got together, along with several other people who are learning more about our church, for some food, singing Christmas songs and of course games!

I love this lady!! Kornelia and I always get in some kind of trouble but not tonight, here we are cutting the hams for everyone to eat.

Homemade pierogi’s, AMAZING!!

Anna, I am missing some chocolates, did you take any? Me, no way mom!

It is finally time to eat!

The handsomest man at the party going for the ham!

Food the universal language!

Our wonderful church missionaries sharing a quick lesson on why we celebrate this holiday season.

Christmas Bingo time! Who needs words when you have pictures? M&M’s for covers, how many bags do you think we went through while we were playing?

I think everyone had a great time at party and I think the biggest hit was the hot apple cider that I made.  I have made it several times now the past couple weeks for different events and I have been asked for the recipe so stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post for the recipe!

What is your favorite holiday drink?  Mine, apple cider by far!!

love kelley
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