The 3 Things I Learned Today at the Polish Hospital!

Well today I went inside my first Polish hospital.  One of my husbands co-workers got admitted there yesterday and he has no family here so myself and another wife went to give him a goodie bag since this was unexpected for him to be there.  I learned some interesting things visiting him there today….

 1. You have to provide your own toilet paper, soap and towels for the bathroom .

2. You have to pay to watch the television there by the hour!

3. No worries if you don’t read Polish because the different departments have pictures next to the names.  We both died from laughing and when we caught our breath we each took a picture.

I don’t know how to top this picture with a question, so no question today!

love kelley
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8 Responses to The 3 Things I Learned Today at the Polish Hospital!

  1. Camille says:

    I spent a week in the hospital in the US in April. The hospital (just hospital, not the doctors) bill was… get ready…. $85,000! And this was nothing extraordinary — no life saving procedures or experimental procedures. I think I’d happily supply my own TP and pay for TV for a lower bill! :-)
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  2. Hmmm…very interesting indeed! I definitely got a good giggle from those pictures, too. LOL

    Hopefully your husband’s friend starts feeling better soon!

  3. Georgette says:

    Wow. I have no words.
    I am in agreement- if it’s free hospital care there, who needs to worry about paying for TP and telly by the hour? Wish it were like that in the US.
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  4. Barbara says:

    It is true the hospital is free, however only if you are employed or receiving benefits. Compare this to the lucky Australia, where it is free for every citizen, working or not, everything provided, including tv… Some countries just got it right! Polish hospitals are mismanaged and seriously underfunded.

  5. reccewife says:

    Here in Canada, health care and hospital stays are free, covered by the universal healthcare we all pay into as part of being citizens. No free TV or private rooms or really any perks, but I can’t imagine having to pay when I got sick. It really is a nice way to do things :)

  6. Bart says:

    You all know, I assume, that nothing is free – right? Just because you, or someone else, paid for it somewhere else (or everywhere else) doesn’t mean that you didn’t pay for it!

    I agree that the hospital charges in the US can be crazy, but free healthcare simply doesn’t exist anywhere.

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