Why Are There So Many Spiders Here?

The other day I was talking to a few friends at a local coffee shop and the discussion came to spiders.  The last few weeks the spiders here have been HORRIBLE!  They are everywhere!!!  They are in my front yard, they are in my backyard, they are on my windows(outside of course) and they are on our cars.  One One friend was on holiday for 2+ months back in the USA and she thought it was because she was gone for so long but it is not.  My husband parked his car in our driveway and 5 hours later there was a spiderweb between his mirror and gate, CRAZY!!  The other day my teenager took our dog out for his morning walk and came back quickly to get the camera to take some pictures of what she saw outside.  These pictures just show you how many spiders we are dealing with right now.

So if you are in my neck of Poland consider yourself warned.

 Luckily I do not have a big fear of spiders but do you?


love kelley
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13 Responses to Why Are There So Many Spiders Here?

  1. Mel says:

    Oh gross, do they bite?

    Hey thought I’d let you know I’ve been having trouble getting on your site, might be something my end but the last couple days it just kept loading then I would get a wordpress login?

    Notsure what that’s about.

    Anyway need to keep readin got a few to catch up on :)
    Mel recently posted..Crap Loads of Fun!My Profile

    • Mel,

      As for as I know they don’t bite but then again I don’t get close enough to find out either!!

      Thanks for the heads up about the site and I haven’t any issues at my end and know one else has mentioned anything to me but I will keep my eye out.


  2. I didn’t realize that you guys were being infested by spiders! You can definitely tell from all those pictures of spider webs everywhere o.O

    I will say I’m not the BIGGEST fan of spiders, but I had a sign a little while back and now I’m compelled to save every one I come across. That doesn’t mean I still don’t get the heebie-jeebies from them though! Lol

    New follower and subscriber :) I have a strong Polish heritage, so when I came across your website, I was thrilled to learn more about Poland through you!

  3. R says:

    No, spiders in Poland don’t bite. And they are not poisonous. There’s saying in our country (LT) that if you found a spiderweb and spider on your house door it’ll bring happiness. I think it’s the same here

  4. Barbara says:

    A French saying tells you:
    A spider in the morning -sadness
    A spider at midday – worry
    A spider in the evening – hope

    So do your best to see them at night! They are totally harmless.

  5. Alex says:

    Quite normal for that time in Central Europe.
    Two, three weeks later all of it will be gone.

  6. maynard says:

    Yeah, it’s true. Something wrong with the spiders. When I ride my bike in forests around Bydgoszcz I hit a spider web every ten meters. It’s a little bit annoying. Dunno what’s the reason of the invasion.

  7. Laura in Poland says:

    Hey, I’m famous! The spiders are still working away over here, how about at your place?

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