Woo Hoo, Another Volleyball Win!!

Woo Hoo, Another Volleyball Win!!

So we spent tonight at another KS Palac volleyball game to cheer on our “adopted” daughter Rachael!  What a game it was, I don’t think I have bit my nails so much in one night.  They won the game in 3 straight sets that were all too close to call until the final point was made.

“TAG” your it!

Going for the block!!

Where is the ball going to go???


Someone doesn’t look very happy!

Someone looks VERY happy!!

And Rachael for the point!

Yeah, I think that slipped through!

And another point!

The girls playing with a new friend!

Not sure what was in the air tonight but the crowd was LOUD tonight!!

This was 3 GREAT sets!!

Hey Rachael, are you playing or chillin’ because you know you have that GREAT of teammates?

Going for the BIG block for the win!!

And they won in 3 straight sets!

It was a GREAT game tonight!  The team played GREAT.  They needed the 3 points for the league standing. It is hard to believe there is only 1 month left of their regular season. ;(

So what sport do hate it when it is the end of their season?  Me,  I am not much of a sport person!


love kelley
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3 Responses to Woo Hoo, Another Volleyball Win!!

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Kelley,

    I have a question. What do you think about parents who teach children how to schoot a gun in America ? I found some videos on youtube and I`m shocked:



    • Robert,

      Well that is a loaded question! I was brought up with shooting guns by my father, my uncle and my grandfather. I was also taught the right and the wrong with the gun. There are so many different sides to this debate. But my feeling it is not the guns that are the problem, it is the way families are being raised to day compared to the way that I was brought up. Also living in Europe for the last 7 years has given me a unique perspective on child raising from all different cultures.

  2. Laura says:

    I watched these videos, and I’m not sure what exactly there is to be “shocked” about. There were no children crying, scared, begging not to do it, shooting targets that looked human (or the human outline), idiots mishandling weapons near/with their children or anything else I would expect to see in a “shocking” video of children shooting. It looks to me like they all had an interest (probably because Dad does it and it looks “cool”), were calm, well behaved, thoughtful children with fathers who were taking the time to share their hobby with them (as well as gun safety). What exactly is wrong or shocking about children learning to shoot/handle a weapon? Historically children from around the world were taught to shoot at a very young age and it was the norm (as well as a necessity for the procurement of food in addition to protection). It has only been about the past century or so that we have all stopped learning this valuable lesson. I would venture to say it has to do with us all becoming more urban/less rural, as well as the fact that modern transportation has made the trading of food stuffs widely available thus lessening the need for hunting by the average person. However, that is my own opinion.

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