Yes, I am overweight

Yes, I am saying it publicly…..Yes, I am overweight!

I have never been in denial that I am overweight but a week and half ago I had to go shopping to get some new jeans and well I do not like the size I had purchase.  Over the last 2 years of living here in Poland I have put on roughly 20 kilograms or just over 40 pounds, not good! I had never stepped on a scale basically the whole time I have lived here and blamed the pants sizes going up on Polish clothes just running small here.  Yes, Polish people know how to cook and well the restaurants are kind of amazing too.  Which is the reason why I have gained all of this weight.  

But enough is enough and unluckily/luckily(depending on who’s view) my dear friend is in the same boat as I am with weight issues.  So I picked her up a week ago and I said, “Today is the day, we are going a gym!”  She gained a few kilo’s while she lived in The Netherlands(aka Holland) and she moved back a few months ago to Bydgoszcz.  We lived 3 houses from each other, we went to the same church, and our husband’s worked at the same military base there and now we live 5 minutes from each other in her hometown.  Who would have ever imagined we would be neighbors in 2 completely different countries? And who says God does not work in mysterious ways?

Anyways, last week Wednesday we did this….

What we getting ourselves into?

What we getting ourselves into?

We joined a local gym! It is one of those things, if I pay for it, I am going to use it.  

Over the past 7 days we have been doing this…

3 days of water aerobics including Aqua Zumba!  Next week Water Pole Dancing and Water Biking.

3 days of water aerobics including Aqua Zumba! Next week Water Pole Dancing and Water Biking????

We have done 5 days of treadmill and elipticals!

We have done 5 days of treadmill and ellipticals!

To get us kick started we signed up for personal training.

To get us kick started, we signed up for personal training and have done a few sessions already which have kicked our butts more or less.

I have lost weight before on my own but I will be the first to admit it is boring and to be honest I only did maybe half the workout.  Before we moved here I lost few kilo’s but because of my amazing workout buddy that I had(miss ya Wanda!) I lost more than I thought I would because I knew she would be waiting for me at the gym rain or shine.  Now once again, I have another workout out buddy who I make appointments with to go to the gym every morning and if we did not have an appointment with each other or with the personal trainer I am sure we would have gone to the gym maybe 2 times instead of the 5 that we have other the last 7 days.

So there you have it, I am overweight  but hopefully over the next several months you will see a new healthier me! I have lost 1 kilogram already this past week, woo hoo!

So here is the question for today because of my daughter and I discussing what to title this blog.  Do you have a problem with the word “fat”?  I say I am fat, she says “overweight”, what do you think?

love kelley
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12 Responses to Yes, I am overweight

  1. I actually do… I feel bad when people tell me I am fat… makes me think of myself low… but maybe it is just personal…

  2. AgaPoznan says:

    Good luck !
    I am in this same boat ( 30 kg + ) but I started a new job today and I hope it will go slowly ( as a new job includes a lots of walking ;)plus I will help myself with a better eating style.
    Fingers crossed for us both :))
    Take care

  3. Scott R. Lucado says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that someone can be “overweight” without being “fat”, so I wouldn’t use the terms as synonyms.

    Besides, I have to ask–overweight according to whom? I personally think scrawny women look awful. Hollywood’s image of women is pathological; look at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor–with her healthy, very womanly figure, she couldn’t get arrested in Hollywood today, but she was about the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

    So instead of changing our vocabulary, let’s move the goalposts. Instead of normal, let’s say “underfed”, and instead of overweight, let’s say “cuddly”.

    Works for me.

    • Thanks Scott and I love your term of “cuddly”! Overweight is always a tough question but when I can no longer go shopping at a typical clothing store in a mall then you know something has to give. I will never be a size 8 or probably a 10, even during my peek high school soccer career, I was never a skinny-mini, I was a size 12/14 but I knew it was muscle so I was fine with that. My goal to be healthy and to go up 4 flights of stairs to my friends flat and not be out of breath.

  4. Caoilte says:

    Hello! My husband and I are moving to Bydgoszcz in a couple of months (we’re currently stationed in Virginia). Would love to get in touch with you.
    Please feel free to send me an email! Thanks, Caoilte

    • Caoilte,

      I left a comment before on your other post. Is it safe to assume you military? I do not send emails out to my readers the first time because of spamming issues that I have but you are more than welcome to email me at and give me the who, what and why you are coming to Bydgoszcz! And I will reply to the message, promise. I am sure our paths are going to cross many times here in the near future!

  5. Meat on your bones = pleasingly plump.

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