Yes, I get homesick for North Dakota!

Well today the weather was absolutely amazing to go for a walk with the 2 little one’s so the oldest could do some homework Youtube time in piece and quiet.   At the end of our block is one of Bydgoszcz’s famous canals.   Every time I either drive or walk by it, I get a bit homesick for North Dakota.  The mallard’s bring back some great childhood memories with my dad, grandpa and my uncle Dave and their love for hunting these ducks and the fun family weekends hunting together.  But then I also remember the nasty smell of cleaning them which is not so great!

So what is your fondest memory of doing things with your family?

love kelley
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8 Responses to Yes, I get homesick for North Dakota!

  1. We love going to the park together and playing at the playground, riding bicycles and having a stop at McDonalds which is located at the park.

  2. Canadian Dad says:

    Man, everything looks beautiful there! I live in Ottawa, Canada and everything just feels the same all the time here. Our tourist totals would say that we have it pretty good but I guess when you live there for awhile, you start to miss out on some of the beauty.

    I wish I could travel more, there’s so much out there to see. Too bad things cost money, LOL.

    Chris (ABH)

    • I have come to the conclusion that no matter where you live it’s beautiful, just in different ways! I spent a summer up just north of Toronto(1 hour plane ride, 30 minute bus ride and then a 35 minute boat ride so just a bit north of it) at a scout canoeing camp. Now that is beautiful.

      I wish I could travel more to and I live where? But to be honest some the best trips are the ones close to home that we all take for granted because we know they are there and we can visit them anytime. So take advantage of what is in your own backyard.

      Now I need to run because I this in my head and I need to get it out…oh, Canada, my home and native land. True patriot love with all thy sons command. With glowing hearts, we see…you get the point!!

      • Canadian Dad says:

        Never get tired of hearing that song, lol. The place I really like to go is Montreal. It helps that I am a huge Canadiens fan but something about that city makes me always want to come back for more!

  3. I live in Edmonton Alberta and I want to travel to us this summer.

  4. dena says:

    You are so correct about the beauty in every location that you live in. Sometimes I find that it’s hard to always remember that…thanks for the reminder.

    My favorite memory was having picnics in the park and playing a good family game of softball!

    thanks for helping remind me of the memories!

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