Yet Another Great Volleyball Game!

Yesterday, marked the being of our crazy week!!  But we kicked it off in style by going to our newest family member Rachael’s volleyball game.  KS Palac team was playing against the top team in Poland so it either was going to be a blow out or a really good game.  Luckily it was the later!  They played 5 matches and there were some nail-biters!  Unfortunately they lost 2-3 but they played one heck of a game!!

She looks like she is ready to play!!


Great block ladies!

They even had cheerleaders at this game! AND they even danced at this one.

And they miss the block! So close.

So this is what a game face looks like!

Time for a serve!

One of the local airlines was giving away a gift certificate for a future trip. Well this little girls dad won and when he was presented with the mock gift certificate she stayed long enough for a picture and then ran to her mom with it. I guess she was ready to start planning her trip!

Woo Hoo, point!!

Woo Hoo, another point!!

Cotton candy anyone?

What a GREAT game!

Oh, I wish knew what we were talking about here!

Then after the game we all head home and had a taco dinner and watched a Christmas movie as Rachael and I are a bit homesick this time of year.  Back home in the states this time of year Christmas movies are on TV so we brought a bit of home to us.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Mine, without a doubt it’s Frosty the Snowman!  Oh, fudge or is it Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?


love kelley
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2 Responses to Yet Another Great Volleyball Game!

  1. Halucyn says:

    This may sound ridiculous but “Home Alone” and “Die Hard” are Christmas movies in Poland.

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