Yet Another Polish Volleyball Game But a Good One!

Our #1 player on the KS Palac team, Rachael Adams!

Friday night was the 2nd home game for the season for KS Palac, the Bydgoszcz women’s volleyball team.  And of course we had to go to cheer on fellow American Rachael Adams!  3 weeks ago when they had their last home game we had never met Rachael in person so we cheered for her differently then we did on Friday night.  Over the last 3 weeks she has officially been adopted into our family; we have been doing stuff that only family members do to each other.  So that made cheering for her that much more special.  All 3 kids made a sign together to help cheer her on.  The whole week the kids were waking up in the morning asking how many more days until the big game and my teenager actually wanted to get out of the house and go with us, so that tells you we are a volleyball family now!!

What else made this game special is that the opposing team also had a fellow American, Courtney Thompson.   She is also from Washington state which was were my husband grew up so of course the hubby had to cheer for her too!  Throughout the game we watched her as well and boy was she good.  Only after the game when Rachael brought her to us so we could meet each other did we realize how good she really is.  The has been on 2 USA Olympic volleyball teams!   So that just made the night extra special.    The game was a nail biter as several of the matches were REALLY close but in the end Lodz won the game 3-2.

The home team!!

What a game it was!

In between the matches we were entertained by a local gymnast group.

The crowd cheering the home team on.

Fellow American, Courtney Thompson but on the Lodz team.

Going for the block!

Saw this in the bathroom in the stadium. Not sure if I should be nervous or not?

The official fan section and you can see my hubby and oldest daughter just off on the side.

My littlest having fun with the sign the girls made to cheer on their favorite player.  Oh and see the scarf she is wearing?  We now officially part of the fan club!!  Usually at American games you see signs like this cheering on players well I guess here in Poland they do not do this.  So I guess we are officially bringing Polish volleyball to a whole new level.

What a nail biter game it was!!

Don’t we just look like a happy family? I think we were all getting tired at this point as it was past all of our bed times! Photo taken by Dariusz Stoński Photography.

Post-game cool down.

2 Americans playing professional volleyball here in Poland. Who would have ever thought?

It was a great night for us as it was a good game!  We are looking forward to the next home game to cheer on the home team!

If you could meet any Olympic player who would it be?

love kelley
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