You want me to buy what?

My husband came yesterday from a conference in Germany that he was at for work and our conversation back after our hello’s  and hugs went like this….

My husbands says “Did you remember to by my cup?”

“You want me to buy what?”

“I have to do a urine sample for my annual work physical and I need to come with my sample to the lab already done.”

“Don’t you get one from the lab?”

“No, you need to run to the pharmacy and get one.”

So then I look at him and laugh a bit and say “you are not serious?”  

“Yes, I am and I need to do this like last week.”

So, I ran to my now handy local pharmacy and ask them if they have urine cups.  The tech runs over to cabinet and pulls out this….

"Is this what you want?"

“Is this what you want?”

 So long story short…if you need a urine cup in Poland run down to the local pharmacy and just pick one up before you go your doctor.  And no worries, it will not break your bank this cost me a whole 1.30 zlotys ($1).

I know deep down inside you were wondering about urine cups in Poland!  :P

I have had to do 2 random drug checks in my life and I can not imagine having the job of watching people pee in a cup to make sure they are not cheating. What job can not imagine doing?

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love kelley
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