How Many Working Hours In A Day In Poland?

How is working in Poland?

In Poland the standard of living is much higher and, of course, it is very appealing to job seekers.

Work in Poland can bring a foreigner income over $ 800 per month.

And for work that does not require high qualifications.

This is very popular for people from Ukraine, Bangladesh, India, and other countries..

Are Polish good workers?

“Polish people are great employees, they work really hard and are reliable” … Tip for bosses/managers working with Poles: The status and recognition are important and so as a boss you should ensure that the hard work is being noticed.

Are there job opportunities in Poland?

Jobs in Poland There are plenty of jobs available for foreigners who are considering Poland as a work destination – in fact, it’s become one of the largest business process outsourcing/shared services centres (BPO/SSCs) in Europe.

Is part time allowed in Poland?

The idea of the fact you can take from the thing that Poland is not only best in offering part-time jobs. However, it also offers internship opportunity to the students. Students are allowed to take internship opportunity in part-time and also full-time internship during summer vacations.

Is it good to settle in Poland?

The criminality rate in Poland is in general low. People feel safe, day or night, and can walk freely around the cities. Numbeo ranked Poland as the 15th safest city in Europe, in 2019 (15 out of 39). The low crime index of 30.09 makes Poland a great destination also for families with children.

Are the Polish tough?

According to a recent report by the European Committee, Poles are Europe’s second hardest working nation. … ‘No work, no cake’ goes the old Polish saying, and indeed nowadays Poles stand out because of their remarkable work ethic.

How much can I earn in Poland?

How much money does a person working in Poland make? A person working in Poland typically earns around 7,560 PLN per month. Salaries range from 1,910 PLN (lowest average) to 33,800 PLN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Which jobs are in demand in Poland?

High demand professions in Poland include the Information Technology, engineering, automotive and General Business sectors….Currently the top employment opportunities for careers in Poland include:Finance & Accounting Specialist.Information Technology Engineering and Specialists.Java Specialists.Analytics and Reporting.May 3, 2019

What makes Poland special?

Poland has beautiful nature, especially mountains and forests, and there are numbers of national parks across the country. Tatra is the most famous mountain range which is situated across Poland and Slovakia.

How many hours work in Poland?

General requirements. Working time in Poland should not exceed 8 hours per day and an average of 40 hours per an average five-day working week. For the work performed in excess of the working-time standards employee is entitled to an allowance.

Can I work part time while working full time in Poland?

More and more often employees in Poland are offered flexible working hours, especially if they are using civil or specific-task contracts. You can work in different hours in specific days and for a different amount of time, provided you discuss it with your boss. … In this day and age all is possible.

How can I make money in Poland?

Make Money Online in Poland. Earn Money by Creating Blog. Make Money with YouTube. Affiliate Marketing. Make Money on Freelancer. Buy and Sell Domain Names. … Other ways to Earn Money Online.Make Money in Poland (Offline) Earn Money with Your Car. Become a Driver. Rent Your Home. Rent Your Parking Space. Sell Your Own Product.

Is it easy to find work in Poland?

Perhaps the easiest way of working in Poland is if your current employer has operations in Poland and you can get a transfer. With such a contract you normally get additional expatriation allowances, international travel insurance and possibly even a bonus for family members.

How much is overtime pay in Poland?

An employee is entitled to 50% remuneration for overtime work on any other day than the ones listed above. A supplement in the amount of 100% of remuneration is also granted for every hour of overtime work which exceeds the average weekly working time in a decided settlement period. Article 151 of the Labor Code.

What are Polish personality traits?

Polish people are typically friendly, hospitable, and open-minded. Visitors can get comfortable around them as they tend to welcome and any people from different places. They are also always extending their hands and people can be assured of their assistance and help.

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