Is Poland A Pretty Country?

How beautiful is Poland?

The beautiful nature Poland has a very beautiful nature.

Despite the fact that the country is not very big, the nature is diverse.

On the south of Poland, you can find the 2500-meter high mountains.

Hiking in the Polish mountains, you can accidentally cross the border with Czech Republic..

Is English spoken in Poland?

English is fairly widely spoken in Poland with just over a third of Poles overall reported as being able to speak English to some degree. … Recent stats suggest that 37% of Poles have English as a second language.

What should I see in Poland?

11 Best Places to Visit in PolandKrakow. Wawel Castle, Krakow. … Warsaw. Old Town Warsaw at dusk. … Tatra Mountains. Path through the Gasienicowa Valley in Tatra Mountains. … Wroclaw. Aerial view of the Main Market Square in Wroclaw. … Bialowieza Forest Reserve. Bison in the Bialowieza Forest Reserve. … Bieszczady Mountains. Fall in the Bieszczady Mountains. … Ojcow. … Gdansk.More items…•Apr 23, 2020

What is special in Poland?

Polish food is not only pierogi, but also quite specific things, such as tripe, cucumbers pickled in salty brine, sauerkraut, curd, buttermilk and kefir. Unfortunately, when asked about the Polish cuisine, most people are likely to recall pierogi, potatoes, or sauerkraut.

Who is the most famous Polish person?

7 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were PolishNicolaus Copernicus. The famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (in Polish: Mikołaj Kopernik) was born in 1473 in the Polish city of Toruń. … Maria Skłodowska Curie. … Frédéric Chopin. … Miroslav Klose. … Caroline (Karolina) Wozniacki. … Peter Schmeichel. … Daniel Fahrenheit.Jul 13, 2018

What is the most visited place in Poland?

Tourism in Poland contributes to the country’s overall economy. The most popular cities are Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Szczecin, Lublin, Toruń, Zakopane, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka and the historic site of Auschwitz – A German nazi concentration camp in Oświęcim.

Do and don’ts in Poland?

6 Dos and Don’ts on Your Visit to PolandDo wait for the green man.Don’t talk about religion.Do drink vodka.Don’t imbibe in public.Do watch out for the stairs.Don’t take a dip in the Baltic – unless you’re brave or foolhardy.

Are Polish people nice?

The truth is that Polish people are like everybody else – some are mean, some are nice, some are rude and some polite. However saying that Polish, as many Eastern European people tend to be more straightforward and direct, than your typical Irish or British folk, so sometimes they come across rude.

What is Poland famous for?

What is Poland Famous For?Beautiful Cities.Stately Castles.A Diverse Geography.The Wieliczka Salt Mine.Pope John Paul II.Auschwitz.The Lower Oder Valley International Park (A Shared Park)Amber Jewelry.More items…•Nov 30, 2020

Is Poland a sad country?

Yes, it is very depressing country. So it’s also the reason polish people have been prefering for years living on Siberia in labor camps. Even optimistic germans came to Poland in 1939, and made holocaust, only because this depression.

Is it expensive to visit Poland?

So, a trip to Poland for two people for one week costs on average zł3,669 ($968). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

What cities should I visit in Poland?

We put our heads together to choose our top five places to visit in Poland, and we came up with the following:Wroclaw.Sopot.Torun.Zakopane and the Tatras.Krakow.

What does a typical Polish girl look like?

They appear like Slavic princesses Polish girls will often have blue, grey and green eyes and straight or long noses. These are typically charming overall and tend to be less diverse ethnically than a number of other European women.

What is the most beautiful city in Poland?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in PolandKraków. In the heart of Kraków’s Old Town, the Gothic church spires loom overhead, above a patchwork of baroque frontispieces and romanesque buildings. … Chochołów. … Zakopane. … Poznań … Olsztyn. … Kazimierz Dolny. … Malbork. … ToruńMore items…

Is Poland a friendly country?

Poland is considered a very safe and friendly country to study and live. According to the statistics, it is one of the safest countries in the European Union. Polish citizens are very well known for their hospitality.

Is Poland safe for American tourists?

Poland is a safe country to travel to. It is getting more and more visitors each year, and its tourism has generally increased especially after joining the European Union in 2004. However, petty crime has also increased with the influx of tourists.

Does it snow in Poland?

Winter in Poland. Polish winters are so much fun! The truth is, you never know what to expect 🙂 The temperatures vary and differ in each month, but they are rarely unpleasant. And the most exciting thing about winter in Poland is, of course, snow!

Is Poland a safe place to visit?

In general, traveling in Poland is safe because the country is highly ranked on the list of the safest countries. In fact, Poland lands in the top 20 of the safest countries in the world! The only threats you might expect are: pickpocketing, petty theft, overcharge, and ATMs scams.