Question: What Are Public Facilities Name Any Two?

What are public facilities Class 10?

Class 10th.

Answer : Public facilities are the basic facilities like education, food, health, electricity, sanitation, safe drinking water, shelter, security etc., that are given collectively by the Government..

What are the two types of facilities?

Types of FacilitiesCommercial and Institutional Sector.Office Buildings.Hospitals.Hotels.Restaurants.Educational Facilities.Industrial.Jan 11, 2021

How do you describe facility?

noun, plural fa·cil·i·ties. something designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service: transportation facilities; educational facilities; a new research facility.

What are examples of facilities?

Buildings, real estate property, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), for example, are facilities. So are IT-services, furniture, and grounds.

What are facilities in a city?

City Facility means any building, structure, property, park, open space, or vehicle, owned or leased by the City, its agents, agencies, or departments.

What are public facilities who is responsible to provide them?

The government is responsible for providing public facilities as these are very important and necessary for people in order to lead their day-to-day lives.

What are basic facilities?

Basic facilities means the minimum improvements nec- essary and reasonable to enable people to safely use recreational lands.

Are public facilities available to all?

Explanation: No public facilities are available universally . It is because even there is a develop or developing country than also in some places poverty is there. It is true that there are many facilities provided to the people in every country but not for poor people and the families.

Who is responsible to provide public facilities and how?

governmentThe government is responsible for providing public facilities as these are very important and necessary for people in order to lead their day to day lives. If these facilities are provided by private companies then, they cost higher only for their profit.

Why are public facilities needed?

Public facilities are those facilities which are not possible for any individual to access at economic cost, so government provides such facilities to the public to ensure quality of life. … (ii) Basic health facilities Government provides hospitals, vaccine programmes to maintain basic quality of life.

What are the advantages of public facilities?

10 Benefits of Creating Good Public SpacesSupport local economies: … Attract business investments: … Attract tourism: … Provide cultural opportunities: … Encourage volunteerism: … Reduce crime: … Improve pedestrian safety: … Increase use of public transportation:More items…

What is the importance of public facilities class 8?

Public facilities relate to our basic needs such as water, health, education, etc. The government is expected to play a major role in providing public facilities to ail. Water is the basic need of people. It is essential for life and for good health.

What are public amenities?

Defined as resources or facilities provided by the local government or city council for public use, public amenities are services provided to the public such, playgrounds, public toilets and community centres. … These projects include: community halls and community toilets.

What are the two major types of facilities?

The two major types of facilities are production sites and storage sites.

What are public facilities?

Public facilities are defined as institutional responses to basic human needs, such as health, education, safety, recreation, and worship. Examples of typical public facilities include churches, hospitals, and police stations.

What do you understand by public facility give 2 examples?

Public facilities are the facilities that are provided to the people by government. They are important to sustain and lead a comfortable life. For example, water facility and transport. … For examples,water facility and transport facilities are very important for our life and to live a comfortable life.

What are public facilities give examples Class 8?

These are known as public facilities. Examples: healthcare, sanitation, electricity, public transport, schools, colleges, drinking water, etc. One important characteristic of public facility is that once it is provided its benefit can be shared by many people.

What are the types of public facilities?

These are known as public facilities, for e.g. schools, healthcare, colleges, electricity, sanitation, public transport, safe drinking water, etc. The Constitution recognizes that the right to water is a part of the Right to Life under Article 21.

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