Question: What Are Zones 1 To 6 In London?

What is Zone 1 and Zone 2 in London?

Zone 1 covers all of Central London.

Zone 2 encircles zone 1 and covers a large swathe of the inner London suburbs.

The link below will show you a map which shows you which stations (Underground, DLR and National Rail) are in zones 1 and 2..

Is Oyster cheaper than contactless?

It’s publicised that if you use contactless to pay for travel in London, it’s the same price as using an Oyster card. … Of course, if you have a railcard discount (or similar) applied to your Oyster, that will always be cheaper than contactless. Discounts cannot be applied to contactless payment cards.

How do I know my zone in London?

You can see the zone on the tube map. The zones are marked in either white or grey. Scroll around or type in a station name in the search box to see the zone.

What area is Zone 2 in London?

Every London Underground line—except for the Waterloo & City line—has stations in zone 2. It was created on 22 May 1983 and extends from approximately 2 to 5 miles (3 to 8 km) from Piccadilly Circus.

Do you get charged for going through Zone 1?

If the default route includes zone 1 then you will be charged the additional zone(s) on you oyster even if you both touch in and touch out within your zones unless you prove that you travelled on an alternative route. This is often by using the pink readers.

Where is Zone 2 based?

PeckhamZone 2 are based around Peckham in south-east London, whose rivals are Moscow 17.

How much does it cost to travel from Zone 1 to Zone 6?

London Underground Fares 2021Zones TravelledSingle Journey TicketZone 1 to 3£5.50£2.70Zone 1 to 4£6.00£3.00Zone 1 to 5£6.00£3.00Zone 1 to 6£6.00£3.005 more rows

What are the London zones?

When it comes to getting around, London is divided into ‘zones’ 1-6, with ‘Zone 1’ being the city centre and ‘Zone 6’ being the outskirts of the city. The system itself exists as a method for TfL (Transport for London) to calculate a customer’s travel distance and charge accordingly.

What area is zone 1 in London?

Zone 1 covers the West End, the Holborn district, Kensington, Paddington and the City of London, as well as Old Street, Angel, Pimlico, Tower Gateway, Aldgate East, Euston, Vauxhall, Elephant & Castle, Borough, London Bridge, Earl’s Court, Marylebone, Edgware Road, Lambeth North and Waterloo.

How do I avoid Zone 1?

To avoid Zone 1, change at Stratford onto the Overground that goes all the way from there to Kew (the last bit of that section is parallel to the District line). The pink reader is on the Overground platforms.

Is Kings Cross Zone 1?

Trains from London Underground Zone 1-6 to London Kings Cross.

What zone is Hatfield?

Hatfield (Herts) to London Underground Zone 1-6 by trainDistancemiles ( km)Departure stationHatfield (Herts)Arrival stationLondon Underground Zone 1-6

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