Question: What Is Wojtek English?

What name is Stas short for?

Stas (Russian: Стас, Ukrainian: Стас; Polish: Staś, Slovene: Staš) is a reduced form, among many, of the Slavic language given name Stanislav known under several spellings (Ukrainian: Станіслав; Russian: Станислав; Polish: Stanisław; Czech: Stanislav, etc.)..

What is the name Wojtek in English?

The name is formed from two components in archaic Polish: wój (Slavic: voj), a root pertaining to war. It also forms words like wojownik (“warrior”) and wojna (“war”)….Wojciech.OriginMeaningHe who is happy in battleOther namesNickname(s)Wojtek (and many others)Related namesVojtěch, Vojtech, Woitke3 more rows

What does Stanislawa mean in English?

one who achieves gloryStanislav. Stanislava or Stanisława is the female form of the Slavic given name Stanislav, which means “one who achieves glory”.

How do you say Wojtek?

PronunciationIPA: /ˈvɔj.tɛk/Audio. (file)

How do you pronounce the Polish name Wojciech?

the Polish pron is “voy-tsyekh”, where kh is the german “ch” in Bach. acutally “tsy” is a palatised “ts” (common in slavic languages), which sounds very close to “ch” as in cheese. Wojtek is the diminutive of Wojciech.

What is the Polish name for Stanley?

StanisławIn the Polish language, the name Stanisław has the following common diminutives: Stach, Stan, Stańko, Staś, Stasio, Stasiek, Staszek.

What is Chester in Polish?

Bronisław – Bruno. Bronisława – Bernice, Bertha. Brygida – Bridget. Cecylia – Cecelia. Czesław – Chester.

Is Stanislava a male or female name?

Based on popular usage, it is 7.234 times more common for Stanislava to be a girl’s name.

Is Wanda a nickname?

Wanda is a female given name of Polish origin. It probably derives from the tribal name of the Wends. The name has long been popular in Poland where the legend of Princess Wanda has been circulating since at least the 12th century….Wanda.OriginNickname(s)WanRelated namesWendyPopularitysee popular names5 more rows

By 1996, having seen a decline in the previous four decades, Stanley was #265 with 108 births in England and Wales. … It broke the Top 100 again in 2009 at #98 (627 births) and ranked #88 (737 births) in 2010. The name is much less popular in Scotland where it ranked #341 (8 births) in 2011.

Is Leo a Polish name?

Leo is a Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Greek, Hawaiian, and Polish name of Old Greek, Latin, and Germanic origin. Latin origin, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Italian, and Polish use: It is derived literally from the word ‘leo’ meaning lion.

What is stosh a nickname for?

StanleyAllie30: Stosh is eastern european. It’s used as a nickname for Stanley or variations on that name. It is also used as a nickname for people whose last names have that sound.

What nationality is the name Stanley?

Stanley (name)Language(s)Old EnglishOriginMeaning”stone leigh”Region of originThe Heptarchy (Anglo-Saxon England)Other names4 more rows

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