Question: What Menthol Cigarettes Can You Buy In The UK?

Are menthol tips being banned UK?

Menthol filters are not being banned, but it will be illegal to sell them packaged with tobacco or cigarettes.

From Wednesday 20 May the sale of menthol cigarettes was made illegal in the UK.

The law change was announced last month, and comes as part of new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws..

Buying tobacco via the Internet is illegal.

Why have they banned menthol cigarettes?

Why ban menthol? Menthol increases smoking uptake and makes it harder to quit. The anaesthetic effects of menthol in cigarettes enable smokers to inhale cigarette smoke more deeply into the lungs, thereby increasing exposure to the harmful substances in tobacco smoke.

John Player Special was the top selling cigarette brand in convenience and independent grocery retailers in the United Kingdom in 2020. The brand had sales of over one billion pounds in that year. Benson & Hedges had very similar sales figures during the same period.

Can you still buy menthol cigarettes in the UK?

Menthol cigarette ban: Why menthol cigarettes are banned in the UK. On Wednesday the 20th of May 2020, it became illegal to buy menthol cigarettes in the UK.

What menthol cigarettes are there UK?

Rizla Menthol Chill Flavour Infusion Card. … Benson & Hedges Green Superkings x20. … Sterling Green Superkings x20. … Chesterfield Bright Superkings x20. … Sterling Dual Cigarettes x20. … Pall Mall Red Flow Superkings Cigarettes x20. … Ten Motives Electronic Cigarette Menthol Refill x4. … Pall Mall Blue Flow Superkings Cigarettes x20.More items…

What can I buy instead of menthol cigarettes?

Menthol Cigarettes AlternativesRizla Flavour Card | Fresh Mint. … Rizla Flavour Card | Menthol Chill. … Swan | Crushball Cool Burst Menthol Filter Tips | 54 Pack. … Swan | Crushball Fresh Burst Peppermint Filter Tips | 54 Pack. … JPS Players | Menthol Leaf Wrapped Crushball Cigarillos | 10 Pack.More items…

Do shops still sell menthol cigarettes?

From 20th May 2020 there will be a ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes. The ban does not apply to heated tobacco products or e-cigarette products. … There is no sell through period which means that retailers must have sold through any remaining stock of menthol cigarettes by 20th May 2020.

What cigarettes do Sainsburys sell?

Benson & Hedges Sky Blue Superkings x20- Decrease quantity.+ Increase quantity.

What is replacing menthol cigarettes UK?

IQOS menthol heated tobacco is an alternative to menthol cigarettes that is still available in the UK.

Why is the UK banning menthol cigarettes?

The ban comes as part of an effort to deter young people from smoking. Menthol cigarettes have been banned in the UK, with strict new legislation coming into force. The ban comes as part of an effort to prevent young people from smoking and reduce the number of people taking up the habit.

Is it true menthol cigarettes are being banned?

Menthol cigarettes are banned as new anti-smoking laws come into force. Campaigners welcome the move which is part of a government drive to deter young people from taking up smoking.

Are there any menthol cigarettes?

“Philip Morris has delisted all menthol cigarettes in the UK and Ireland – all of our cigarettes remaining on the market, including our latest variant Marlboro Bright, do not have any menthol in them and are in full compliance with the law.

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