Question: Where Can I Buy A Paczki In Hamtramck?

Are Paczkis a Michigan thing?

Fat Tuesday, or as it is lovingly called in many areas of Michigan, Paczki Day.

This day is celebrated by indulging in the traditional Polish jelly-filled pastry known as a pączek (PON-check).

The more commonly used name for these is pączki (POONCH-kee), which is the plural pronunciation for this sweet treat..

Where can I buy a Paczki in Detroit?

Paczki Day 2021: Here’s where to get the best paczki in metro…New Palace Bakery – 9833 Joseph Campau Ave in Hamtramck. … New Martha Washington Bakery – 10335 Joseph Campau Ave in Hamtramck. … American Polish Cultural Center – 2975 E Maple Rd in Troy. … Knapp’s Donut Shop – 500 N Main St in Rochester or 6057 Rochester Rd in Troy. … East Detroit Bakery & Deli – 17530 E 9 Mile Rd in Eastpointe.More items…•4 Feb 2021

Does Walmart sell Paczki?

Walmart Bakery Paczkis are a great addition to any breakfast table. They’re easy to grab on the go and enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk.

When can I buy paczki?

Paczki will be available for purchase in the store starting Monday, February 8th, but you can call the store and preorder at any time!