Quick Answer: Do You Ever Use Public Transport Ielts?

What are the advantages of using public transportation ielts?

Since a public transportation can carry a large number of passengers it reduced the overall fuel consumption.

Thus it helps to reduce the air and environmental pollutions.

Secondly, more pollution will be generated if we opt to use private cars for transportation..

What are pros and cons of public transport?

Top 10 Public Transportation Pros & Cons – Summary ListPublic Transport ProsPublic Transport ConsLess smogLess flexibilityFewer traffic jamsDetours may be difficultOpportunity to meet new peopleNavigation problemsGood for touristsLess convenient compared to cars6 more rows

How can public transport system be improved?

Six relatively simple and inexpensive recommendations for making public transport more attractive to customers and more efficient to operate:Speed-up vehicle boarding. … Optimize stop design. … Reduce traffic congestion. … Give public transport priority at traffic signals. … Use real time data to:More items…

What would happen if everyone used public transport?

If everyone used public transport, more buses would pollute cities. It should also be mentioned that the manufacturing and creation of a public transport system is very energy intensive, drawing largely on coal and fossil fuels for energy. This releases significant carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

How do you like to travel when you go on vacation?

I enjoy traveling by myself, and if for a long vacation, perhaps if possible interspersing that with traveling with others, whether these others be people you meet on the road or friends/family from home. When traveling abroad, I also like to if possible, travel with locals, to have them show me around.

What is the importance of public transport?

Public transportation contributes to a healthier environment by improving air quality and reducing oil consumption, and through better land-use policies. It also helps to expand business development and work opportunities. And, it is critical for emergency situations requiring safe and efficient evacuation.

What counts as public transport?

What we doLondon Buses.London Underground.Docklands Light Railway (DLR)London Trams.Roads.River.

How do you introduce a hometown?

I am talking about these kinds of answers:My hometown is modern.My hometown is famous.My hometown is beautiful.My hometown is crowded.My hometown has many people.This says nothing about your hometown at all!So don’t do it.My hometown has a very old church in the centre.More items…

Do you wear a watch ielts?

Do you wear a watch? Not at all, I really don’t need to wear one as I have my mobile phone to check the time every now and then. For me, watches nowadays are already outdated since people are too dependent in using their smartphones in terms of checking the time since it’s more convenient or handy.

✤ The most popular means of transportation in my hometown is the bus.My hometown is on the national highway,and there is bus service to different places every two minutes.

Do you like to travel ielts?

Answer: Yes, I do enjoy travelling a lot because it allows me to learn about different places, different people, different cultures and different kinds of lifestyles. Besides, it helps me to recuperate from the stress of my work life as well as the boredom of following the monotonous daily routines of my life.

Which is better public transport or private transport?

By and large, it’s way cheaper to use public transportation to get around than it is to buy your own vehicle. … Using public transport is much less taxing on the environment compared to private vehicles. Since a lot of people can ride the same vehicle, the carbon emissions per head are largely reduced.

Is it easy to travel around your hometown?

Is it easy to travel around your hometown? Answer: Of course, yes. There is quite a mixed variety of public transportation in which one can travel. I guess metro-service and buses are the most common because it is very fast and affordable.

Would you say your country is a good place for Travellers to visit?

Would you say your country is a good place for travelers (or, tourists) to visit? Definitely! With a long history and vast territory, China is a country full of great places of interest. For example, in this amazing country, you can visit the Forbidden City in Beijing to know the Emperor’s life.

Do you often visit your hometown?

How often do you visit your hometown? Not as much as I should. I only get to visit about once a year now to see my family because I’m really busy with work and it’s quite far away, but I hope to visit more in the future.

What is the oldest place in your hometown?

Question:What is the oldest place in your hometown? Answer:Alittle but beautiful island namely Green Land Icy Island(Supposed Place) is oldest place in our hometown. Poeple love to visit it on weekend days.It is public place and opens between specific time i.e.7AM to 7 Pm.

What is your Favourite mode of transport?

My favorite mode of transportation is a combination of bicycle + bus or bicycle + train. Being in the US, it is easy to carry my bicycle (bike) on a bus or train and go to work, distant shopping mall, park, mountains, beaches etc. etc.

Do you use public transport ielts?

Do people in your country usually use public transportation? Definitely! I’m proud to say that our government has made so much effort to provide better public transportation to us. We have a wide choice of transport such as trains, buses, ferries, rapid transit, among others.

How often do you use public transport ielts?

2 How often do you take buses? Almost every day.

How easy is it to travel around your country ielts?

A: It is really straightforward to travel anywhere you want to go, whether it is in the country or to visit other countries. There are airports in every major city, national rail lines and nation bus services. … There are good roads too, which means that you can easily travel in your own car to anywhere you want to go.

Is it cheaper to own a car or use public transportation?

It’s cheaper to take public transportation than it is to drive a car. APTA states that the average household would save $10,000 yearly by owning one less car and taking public transit instead. That’s around $833 per month. … In some cities, you can cut your commuting costs by even more by switching to public transit.

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