What Are The Duties Of A Special Constable?

What will make you a good special constable?

Police Special Constables must be able to work in teams as well as having an ability to work on their own, unsupervised.

In order to meet this core competency you will need to be able to develop strong working relationships both inside and outside the team..

What rank is a special constable?

Supervision & Leadership. The MSC grade structure is as follows: Special Constable – (SC) Special Sergeant – (S/Sgt)

Can special constables carry Tasers?

Special constables are currently deemed ineligible to be issued with CEDs (Tasers) or firearms.

Can police travel free on trains?

Police Community Support Officers (except for BTP PCSOs based outside London) can travel for free, but ONLY when on duty AND in uniform, upon production of their police staff cards. … Check with National Rail and local Train Operating Companies for the latest travel entitlements for Police.

Do you need a degree to become a Special Constable?

Police officer education and qualifications. … The College of Policing really wants to emphasise that you do not need a degree to become a police officer. However, under the new Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF), you will have to gain a degree if you join through the new Degree Apprenticeship Programme.

What do you expect to be doing whilst on duty as a Special Constable?

Assisting at the scene of • accidents, fires or incidents – helping control situations, ensuring people are safe. Providing security and crowd • control at major public events – preventing injuries and disorder. Carrying out high-visibility foot • patrols to deter and detect criminals.

Do special constables get a warrant card?

Special constables are sworn officers as a Crown servant and have the same powers as regular officers. As such, they also carry a warrant card.

Does being a special constable help?

Whilst time served as a Special will not guarantee a position as a regular officer, it gives you an insight into the service and will help you meet the criteria and gain the attributes needed to become a police officer.

What do you mean by special constable?

a person recruited for temporary or occasional police duties, esp in time of emergency.

Do special constables work alone?

A Special Constable will always be crewed with either an experienced Special Constable or a regular Police Officer, unless he or she has attained “Independent Patrol” status and chooses to work independently.

What is the role of special constable?

Specials take part in frontline police work. They can spend much of their time on the streets, doing intelligence-based patrols in crime hotspots or taking part in crime-prevention initiatives.

Do special constables get handcuffs?

Special constables all carry the same personal protective equipment (PPE) as their regular counterparts, such as handcuffs, batons, incapacitant spray (CS/PAVA spray), and protective vests.

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