What Is The Positive And Comparative Form Of The Word Most Evil?

What is the positive & comparative form of the word most evil?

“the most evil” sounds more natural.

In addiction to this, evil has two syllables.

Thus, “the most evil” is the correct form..

What is the comparative of famous?

ExamplesComparison: Basic, Comparative, Superlative AdjectivesBasic AdjectiveComparative AdjectiveSuperlative Adjectivefamousmore famousthe most famousdeliciousmore deliciousthe most deliciousinterestingmore interestingthe most interesting8 more rows

What is the most evil word?

most evildestructive.hateful.heinous.malicious.ugly.unpleasant.vicious.vile.

What is the superlative form of fast?


Why is more better wrong?

Yes, “more better” is a grammar mistake. English adjectives can take on different forms: regular, comparative, or superlative. When we use the comparative form (“more” before an adjective or “er” appended to the end of an adjective), we can only use “more” or the word ending in “er,” but not both.

What is the positive form of most?

Comparative Form and Superlative Form (irregular comparisons)positive formcomparative formsuperlative formmuch / manymoremostfar (place + time)furtherfurthestfar (place)fartherfarthestlate (time)laterlatest9 more rows

What is the evilest word?

1. That which is morally bad or objectionable: iniquity, peccancy, sin, wickedness, wrong. 2. … crime, deviltry, diablerie, evildoing, immorality, iniquity, misdeed, offense, peccancy, sin, wickedness, wrong, wrongdoing.

What are the 3 types of evil?

According to Leibniz, there are three forms of evil in the world: moral, physical, and metaphysical.

What do you call an evil person?

Noun. A very wicked or cruel person. fiend. beast. brute.

What does Eviler mean?

Morally bad or wrong(ē′vəl) adj. e·vil·er, e·vil·est. 1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant.

What’s the comparative of good?

Irregular comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativegoodbetterbestbadworseworstlittlelessleastmuchmoremost1 more row

What is the superlative degree of evil?

EvilestSuperlative form of evil: most evil.

What is the positive comparative and superlative of bad?

bad – badly The comparative and superlative forms of bad are worse and worst.

Is Eviler a word?

Comparative form of evil: more evil.

What is the comparative for beautiful?

Adjectives with more than two syllables can only make their comparative by using ‘more’ and their superlative by using ‘most’. beautiful → more beautiful / most beautiful.

What is a positive?

In the simplest sense, positive means good — or the opposite of negative. If you have a positive attitude about homework, for example, you’re more likely to get positive feedback on your report card. Keeping track of positive’s many meanings can be positively confusing.

What is the comparative of intelligent?

Inflectionmore ▼Inflection of intelligentuninflectedintelligentinflectedintelligentecomparativeintelligenter7 more rows

What is the positive and superlative of better?

Choose the sentence with the positive form comparing adjective: This book is more interesting than that one….Exceptions (irregular forms)PositiveComparativeSuperlativeGoodBetterBestBadWorseWorstLittleLessLeastMuch/many/someMoreMost