What Will Make You A Good Special Constable?

What is the fitness test for a Special Constable?

Fitness Test The test will basically measure whether your fitness levels are high enough.

For the endurance test, you will be asked to run back and forth a 15 metre track in time with a series of bleeps.

As the test goes on, the bleeps become increasingly faster to level 5.4..

What is a police special constable?

Special Constables As a special constable, you’ll work alongside our police officers in your spare time – forging strong partnerships in the community, patrolling our streets, preventing crime, and interacting with all kinds of people to give back, keep your local community safe and make a real difference.

Why do you want to be a special constable?

Being a Special Constable provides the chance to learn more about your community by seeing it from an entirely new perspective. It gives you the opportunity to give something back to your local area, making it safer and enhancing relationships between the public and the police.

What qualifications do I need to be a special constable?

The basic requirements to become a special are to be:either a national of a country within the European Economic Area or, if not, have leave to remain in the UK free of restrictions.at least 18 years old when making your application.in good health, and of good character.able to speak and write English competently.

What can I expect at a special constable interview?

Interview. The interview to become a special constable is a competency-based interview lasting up to 20 minutes. You are asked four questions about how you have dealt with specific situations in the past. These questions are based on the competencies required for a special constable.

Do you need a driving Licence to be a special constable?

At present, you do not require to have a driving licence to apply to become a Special Constable. … You will be asked to provide full licence details on your application form.

What uniform do special constables wear?

Uniform. Special constables generally wear identical uniforms to their regular colleagues.

What are the police core competencies?

Serving the public. Demonstrates a real belief in public service, focusing on what matters to the public and will best serve their interests. … Openness to change. … Service delivery. … Professionalism. … Decision making. … Working with others.

Can special constables carry Tasers?

Special constables are currently deemed ineligible to be issued with CEDs (Tasers) or firearms.

What powers do special constables have?

Special constables are volunteers who have the same powers as police….A PCSO can, for example:give someone a fixed-penalty notice, eg for littering.demand the name and address of someone being anti-social.take alcohol off a person aged under 18.

Do special constables get a warrant card?

Special constables are sworn officers as a Crown servant and have the same powers as regular officers. As such, they also carry a warrant card.

How long is training for Special Constable?

Training and equipment Delivery of the course is offered in three forms, which recruits choose according to their convenience, as an intensive course taken over four weeks, a weekend course taking place over 12 weeks with 8 weeks of both Saturday and Sunday and 4 weeks with either Saturday or Sunday.

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