Who Is The Least Biased In Exo?

Who is Kyungsoo closest to in exo?

BaekhyunKyungsoo: I’m closest to Baekhyun..

Who is the youngest in exo?

From oldest to youngest: Chanyeol: Born November 27, 1992 (26 years old) D.O. : Born January 12, 1993 (26 years old) Kai: Born January 14, 1994 (25 years old) Sehun: Born April 12, 1994 (25 years old)

Which Kpop group has most haters?

Who is the most hated kpop idol?Red Velvet Yeri. Yeri has been despised ever since she was a Red Velvet member. … Momoland Nancy. Back in her teenage years, Nancy made a joke about bulimia, an eating disorder. … (G)I-DLE Soyeon. … BTS Jungkook, BTS V, and BTS Jimin. … ASTRO Eunwoo. … EXO Kai. … TWICE Tzuyu. … IZ*ONE Sakura.More items…•Feb 9, 2021

Who is Kai’s girlfriend?

KrystalKai and Krystal started dating in 2016. Interestingly, their relationship was well-received by fans everywhere. Netizens were happy to hear that Krystal is Kai’s girlfriend. They even got their own couple name: Kaistal.

Is lay leaving exo?

Lay is still a part of EXO. However, he was inactive in the past year (he was not in Kokobop Music Video and promotions) due to activities in China. He had a movie with Krystal of f(x) just this year. No, I don’t think Lay is leaving, but he is more focusing on his solo appearance.

Who is Baekhyun best friend in exo?

Best friends bite. EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun have had countless #FriendshipGoals moments since their debut, 6 years ago. Here are some endearing (and hilarious) ones that prove their friendship is truly one of a kind!

Who is Xiumin best friend in exo?

LuhanXiumin considers Luhan his best Chinese friend. And Kris his best Canadian friend.

Who has the most fangirls in exo?

Who Among The Members Of EXO Has The Highest Fan Following? Know MoreBaekhyun. Byun Baek-Hyun who is professionally known as Baekhyun is a singer and songwriter and gained fame with his acting. … Kai. Kai is a South Korean China-based singer and dancer and has over 11 million followers.Chanyeol. … Sehun. … D.O.Mar 6, 2021

Who is sehun best friend in exo?

HyunbinEven though he is Sehun’s best friend, Hyunbin has revealed many of Sehun’s private life secret to these sasaeng fans. Not stopping at that, he constantly posts photos of places where Sehun has visited which annoys fans. Hyunbin went out with EXO’s sasaeng fan.

Do Exo do girlfriends?

According to Koreaboo, Chanyeol has had two rumored girlfriends in the past. One was Kim Ye Jin, a former SM Entertainment trainee; fans believed they dated pre-debut but no pictures exist of them together. The other alleged girlfriend was Kwa Sae Byul, a non-celebrity.

Who is famous BTS or exo?

Clearly BTS has more popularity on the platform, which could indicate their wider appeal. The trend continues on YouTube, where EXO has 6 million subscribers to their channel and BTS has just under 34 million. That’s a huge margin that is mimicked in the number of views their videos have received.

Who is the most biased in exo?

When i talk to an EXO-Ls, most of them say their bias is Baekhyun and their bias wrecker is Xiumin/Minseok.

Is exo or BTS better?

Bts is inferior to Exo. Exo has more votes in better songs, vocalist, and in awards.

Is Blackpink rude?

They said that she is so “disrespectful” as she can “slay” everyone with her rapping, singing, and dancing skills. In clarifying, though, BLACKPINK is the “rudest” because they already have everything from the looks to talents and skills, the fans explained.

Who is the nicest exo member?

Best EXO Members Luhan (EXO-M) Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. … Baekhyun (EXO-K) … Sehun (EXO-K) Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. … Kai (EXO-K) … Kris (EXO-M) Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model.More items…

Who has more fans BTS or exo?

There’s no denying the talent of K-pop groups like EXO and BTS. With music videos raking in millions of views and sold-out live performances, it’s no surprise these boys are some of the biggest names in K-pop. However, some fans noted that EXO is more popular in South Korea, while BTS is more popular globally.

Who is the richest member of EXO?

Who is the Richest member of EXO? … The group as a whole is estimated to be worth $1 billion and plays a huge role in SM Entertainment’s overall valuation. … Suho pretty much made it clear on Radio Star that Baekyun was the richest EXO member. … Baekhyun Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million.More items…•Mar 11, 2021

Who is richer BTS or Blackpink?

While their total band net worth is sitting at $60 million, making them clearly the higher earners compared to Blackpink, they have more members to divide the revenue up between. Seven men make up BTS, and at least one of them has a few other side projects which rake in the profits, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Who is the whitest in exo?

EXO 사랑해요 – Whitest to darkest member in EXO: 1.